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Top 10 staging plug-in for WordPress website 2020

Are you want to staging WordPress website? In this article, we talked about what is staging and staging plug-in. For the beginners, it looks like a new concept, but as a professional, it must have a thing. In a staging site, you can meddle with anything, make all the change without worrying.

What is staging and why it is used?

If you are working on WordPress, you would know that making a change always doesn’t work out as you want. Sometimes it gives a terrible effect and fetches the error. Once you make a change and publish it. You might get the error.

Staging is a replicate of the original website. Where you can do whatever you want to and none of it will affect your live site.

Sometimes, you may just want to change dashboard design and image. It may throw the error or change the complete layout. Another thing is that changing in the website is just an experiment, and you don’t want to show your experiment to the user.

Staging is mainly useful because it creates a clone, so you can do the experiment without worrying effect on the original site.


What can you do with a staging environment

1)Improve your website

It allows you to change a website with push and pull. So, the overall website improves design and structure-wise.

2)Test WordPress update

An update contains many changes. Some of the new things may be effect your existing contain. so implement update on staging site then implement in the original site.

3)Try new plug-in

When any new plug-in installs on the website it may or may not be compatible with your site. So, implement it in the clone website then implement it in the original site.

4)Test out your backup copy

When you perform any testing technique implement in the staging site instead of the original one.


What an easy way to implement staging

there are various ways to implement staging on your website. One of the easiest and quick way is to implement staging plug-in. before choosing the staging plug-in to consider the following thing:

1)Ease of use

most of the plug-in comes with one-click installation. So it is easy to set up and configure.

2)Quick process

A plug-in must have fast for cloning a website.


A plug-in comes with a highly SSL security feature. Because clone I same as the website so privacy and of your original website performance. The security feature is top priority.

4)Reasonable price

A plug-in is a reasonable price. If you pay a high price it must be justified with the price.


Here is a list of the staging plug-in for WordPress website 2020.



Wpstaging enables you to clone your website. It also offers a one-click staging option to push the changes in the live site.

The plug-in claim that the cloning process does not affect your original site performance nor even slow down the speed or any aspect of the website.  Your cloning site contains your own website’s server. This means it will use your own server resources and cloud overload your server if you are using shared hosting.


  • Fast cloning process
  • Support for a large website
  • Copy the database and file from staging to live
  • An only authenticated user can access
  • Privacy (No third party showing)



Blogvault is mainly used website a  backup plug-in and easiest way to stage your website. It regularly backup and takes to stage a website in a single click.

When you install the plug-in you can get the access backup feature, staging, and WordPress security. The main feature is that it gives you access to all of it from a centralized dashboard.


  • Quick and easy WordPress staging site creation
  • Password protection of staging site
  • Hosted on blogvault secure server
  • Marge all selected change to live site
  • 24* 7 customer support

Backup buddy


Backup Buddy is a backup solution that offers a  staging solution such as blogvault. This plugin enables you to create a staging site using the development feature. You can see the live change and update. With the use of this plug-in, you can change your site’s database, media file, plug-in and it’s the active theme. It is a staging advance feature suitable for development.


  • Test change on a separate environment
  • Push-Pull change with 2 Click
  • Auto migration URL and Path
  • Support large file
  • Minimize downtime



Wpstagecoach offers a one-click setup and deployment staging solution. If you want to merge your database changes instead of overwriting them.

The staging site is created and stored offside. You won’t have to worry about using your website ‘s server responsive.


  • One-click setup
  • Password protection
  • Offsite storage
  • Responsive customer support
  • Compatible with all host



As a name suggest it is duplicate of your website. It is a super easy, fast, powerful plug-in. It is a back-up plug-in as well as used as staging purpose.

Duplicator can be used while setting up a staging site for WordPress manually by creating a sub-domain. You can copy your site setting and content to a staging site.


  • Support for large size and database
  • Connect Cpanel directly from the plug-in
  • Professional customer support
  • Database and user creation and installation



ManageWP is an online WordPress site management tool for backup and clones your website to an existing website or another server. It does not offer to hosting for the staging sites.

Managewp compares original and clone files, skip the same file, and clone only different files and databases.


  • Premium Add-on
  • Compare source and destination file
  • Save the space

All in one WP migration


All in one WP migration is the most popular plug-in to migrate WordPress website one host to another. The fact that it package the file and database for easy migration to create an ideal staging site.

Before installing WordPress on the staging site, you can import all in one WordPress migration website package file.


  • Provide cloud storage
  • Multisite
  • Support for a large website
  • Staging site URL replacement
  • Unlimited website size

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