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Change your website Host : Find out Best migration plug-in for website

Moving is tiring whether it’s physical migration or system migration. It takes a lot of time to take migration and much effort. For migration, you need to move the database, files, plug-ins. At the same, you also want to reduce downtime. Most importantly you want to preserve your site SEO ranking for this check the migration plug-in.

Why do you need to migrate your website?

Most first-time WordPress users often choose to host service with the minimum feature when creating their site. When the site traffic increase chooses a different hosting plan. check out the best migration plug-in for your website:



Duplicator is one of the most popular migration plug-in on the web. It provides all in one solution for WordPress backup and migration. It will help to migrate a WordPress website for one hosting provider to another hosting provider.

The process of migration is simple, safe, and faster. Migration between domain or host runs smoothly without any downtime at. It’s stepped migration wizard to move your site also connects with the cPanel hosting dashboard to automatically create database and user.


2)All in one WordPress migration

all inone

All in one migration is one of the fantastic plug-ins that allows you to migrate your site with ease. It also allows you with the ability to use find and replace operation on your website.

The best feature of this plug-in is the ability to adjust the size transferred site to a new host by making a “bypass” into the system.


3)Backup buddy


Backup buddy is an excellent backup plug-in for WordPress that storing facility for allows you to automatically scheduled backup daily, weekly or monthly base. This plug-in offers excellent, cloud storage facility for storing backup data, including FTP, dropbox, and other. You can directly be sent the data via mail.

Aside from migration your site, it also used to duplicate or restore data. The best part is that you can easily transfer a website using a complete WordPress backup.




WpmigrateDB has a different approach than other available plug-ins. instead of exporting a file, this plug-in export a database of the website such as (SQL file) of your computer. This extension is used to import files to a new domain host.

It also allows you to get rid of unnecessary data such as visitor comments, posts, spam, and old content. In advance this plug-in stores cache data comprehensively.


5)Updraft plus


Updraft Plus is a free plug-in that will help you to automatically backup the WordPress file and database.

All the backup files will be compressed in a zip format and categorized into different types of files. You can choose from the existing data want to migrate or restor9such as a theme, plug-in, database, images, and many more things.


6)Migrate guru


Migrate guru was developed to simplify default WordPress migration. It helps you to process your site database on its own server.

It’s fast and able to move 1GB of data in less than 30 minutes. Your migration status will be updated regularly via mail. So, you can keep a track of migration process. In addition, there is no storage space required and also included a timely alert.


7)Siteground migrator


Siteground helps you to move their website to siteground hosting server. It is super easy to use, you just need to enter token from your hosting control panel. If you are not changing the domain name, then it automatically creates a temporary domain name and transfer site.


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