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Best Free Resources for Web Designers and Developers


An effective and well-organized workflow is an important asset of the web developer and designer. The more useful and time saving your tools are, the more time you can focus on important things. The tools and resources make your work easy and effective in less time.

Nowadays, becoming a web designer and web developer isn’t so difficult. You can find a bunch of the tools online. However, finding the best tools is quite difficult.

In this article, we will list the best Resources for Web Designers and Developers to save your time. It includes web designing and developing tools, designing software, web templates, books, web icon resources, etc.

Web designing and Web developing Blog

Codedthemes Blog

A codedthemes blog provides detailed information on what’s trending in the designing world. Codedthemes blogs have a huge range of collection blogs which makes your work easy when you want to create an app or website.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is one of the best websites dedicated to art and design. This website covers a wide range of topics including graphic design, illustrations, 3D art, and typography.  It’s awesome for discovering how grid systems, CSS animation, Big Data, etc all play roles in real-world web design.

Smashing magazine

On Smashing Magazine you can learn about coding, design, UX, mobile development, and CMS frameworks. Visit this resource to level up your front end skills. This website is known for publishing high-quality articles by experienced designers.

Free codecamp

One of the best resources to learn and improve your skills for free is free codecamp. They as well have an awesome channel on YouTube.

Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall started out as a personal blog where designer Nick La shared his own design experience, ideas, and design trends. Today, the site features the work of designers from all over the world, resulting in a richer and more diverse collection of resources.


Codrop features blogs with topics ranging from UI design and page animations to image formatting and general JavaScript practices. It also includes a handy CSS reference, a web development experiment playground, and tutorials.


Web design and developing software

Adobe photoshop

Photoshop is the most popular image editing software used by designers. It allows users to create and edit images and then save them in one of many formats. Photoshop is specifically designed to enable users to create and edit raster images in multiple layers. Photoshop offers a set of professional tools to turn your image into works of art.


Sketch is a professional vector graphics processing tool for visual designers. It is designed for icon and interface design. This is especially useful since using vector graphics is the best way to design web interfaces these days.


Bootstrap is a simple, intuitive, and powerful front-end development framework based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It definitely makes web development faster.


Angular is a very popular Javascript framework created and maintained by Google. Angular is cross-platform and allows to build apps for web, mobile web, native mobile, and native desktop. It was originally released as AngularJS, but in 2016 was completely rewritten (which caused a lot of controversies) and is now officially referred to as Angular v2+.


React is probably the most popular Javascript application framework right now. It is actively created and maintained by Facebook and was an early proponent of component-based UI development. The other big reason React is quite popular is because of React Native, which allows you to use the same style of application code to create Native UI Android and iOS applications.


Mockplus is a simple and efficient web prototyping tool that enables you to create an interactive page in just 5 minutes. With Mockplus, you can create an excellent web page prototype easily. It has tons of features (the “grid” function and the “table” component, to name a couple) that help you cut down on design time.


Best web designing template sites


Codedthemes offers a huge collection of admin dashboard templates in various frameworks such as Angular, React.


If you want some creative website templates, ThemeForest is your best choice.


Colorlib comes 700 + HTML & Bootstrap website templates.


Best website templates for best design, Squarespace offers a lot of exclusive website templates for designers.


Web design color tools



Coolors is a tool that allows you to generate color palettes by simply pressing the spacebar to get different color schemes; just click on the lock icon to keep the colors you like and repeat the process until you find the perfect color combination. If you need to export a color scheme, just click the “Export” button. You can export formats such as PDF, PNG, SCSS, SVG, or even Copic markers.

Material Palette

This is very helpful for you in generating and exporting the color palette of your material design.

Skala Color

If you want the color of your images and fonts to stand out and contribute to the overall appeal of your website, you should not dilly-dally in downloading Skala Color.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is an easy-to-use color management application. Adobe Color CC supports image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

Material UI Colors

Whether the website that you are working on is for the web, iOS, or Android, you can easily use these Material UI Colors. This will not only make things easy for you; your web design can be a standout, too.


Web typography resources


Google fonts

This is a free and open-source font that is optimized for the web. Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

Font Squirrel

This offers 100% free commercial fonts.


This browser extension enables you to find what type of web font a particular site uses.


Know more about your fonts with this concise but helpful glossary about fonts Beautiful Web Type. You can find the best typefaces from the Google web-fonts directory here.

My fonts

MyFonts offers the largest selection of professional fonts for any project. Over 130,000 available fonts, and counting.


Web icon resources


Flat Icon

This is a search engine for 16000+ glyph vector icons that can help you choose the best icons to make your website standout.

Material Design Icons 

This site offers 750 open-source glyphs by Google that are for free.

Font Awesome

Without question, this is the best resource for the iconic font and CSS toolkit.


This is meant to help you search for icons from other icon databases.


With just a simple click, you can already have app icons of all icons.



Web developer code and text editors


Atom is relatively a new kid on the block of code editors. It was developed and released in 2014 by GitHub and has been described as “a hackable text editor for the 21st Century”. Atom has a smooth workflow and is quite intuitive. Its game-changing feature is however the ability to customize the workspace to individual needs and wants and comes with a huge amount of extensions.

Sublime text

The Sublime is among the most popular text code editors out there. Sublime is a cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux), has quick navigation, adaptive matching of commands, simultaneous editing, and Python-based plugin API.


Notepad++ is a powerful open-source text editor, which only works on Windows. It supports 27 programming languages, regular expressions, support synchronized edits and views, syntax highlighting and folding, and has many other handy features.


Vim is an easy to configure text editor that allows to quickly create and change any kind of text. It comes built-in as “vi” with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X.

Visual Code Studio

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft which works on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. VCS’s notable features are debugging, intelligent code completion, snippets, embedded Git control, and GitHub, syntax highlighting, and code refactoring.


Collaboration tools



If you don’t know about Slack yet and never used it — you must be living under a rock. Slack is a messaging platform built for digital teams and supercharged with all the possible integrations and nifty features that make remote collaboration easier.


Sometimes, messages just aren’t enough — nothing can replace the power of face-to-face communication. Zoom is a great video conferencing solution that makes it easy to hold personal and team calls. It has a limited free tier, allowing you to make calls up to 40 minutes long.


Learning Resources

learning Resources for Resources for Web Designers & Developers


Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.
On Skillshare, members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey.


Udemy is an online learning giant that offers over 80,000 online courses in a wide variety of categories including web development. Each course that is offered within a category includes unlimited access to a series of video lectures by a specific instructor. Plus you can always interact with the Udemy student community for extra help and comradery. You pay for each course separately but you can preview some of the lectures for free to see if it’s right for you. And the courses range from beginner to advanced. All in all, it offers high-quality learning for web development.


Codecademy offers classes in 14 different programming languages and 10 different tech subjects (e.g., web development, data science, machine learning, game dev). This platform is great for people who prefer hands-on learning, as opposed to watching video lectures, since Codecademy is mostly text-based with written instructions that guide you through how to write real code in a text editor.


Coursera is an online platform that hosts courses from top universities around the world. They offer individual web development courses as well as specializations. Since the courses are taught by real university professors, you can be confident they’re some of the best online web development courses. Coursera also grants certificates upon program completion that you can easily showcase on your resume and/or LinkedIn.


Pluralsight offers a unique online platform for sharpening your coding skills for web development. What’s unique about Pluralsight is that it allows you to take a Pluralsight IQ assessment to identify gaps in your knowledge so that you can concentrate on learning only those skills you need. has been around for a while. Now all of the courses from have been combined with LinkedIn insights for a more personalized learning experience. Rather than taking you through a specific track, the site offers a staggering amount of courses in various fields including almost a thousand courses for web development.



The landscape of web development and designing is constantly changing. Modern developers have various apps in their tool-boxes — and it’s important to constantly stay tuned with all the latest news in the industry to remain efficient.


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