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Top 5 Contest and Giveaway plug-in for WordPress 2020

Have you want to generate organic traffic without paying much. If “Yes” Giveaway and Contest is the best way to generate traffic and boost your website. For this WordPress available ready to use Contest and Giveaway plug-in to create a smooth and efficient contest.

Some of the important aspects consider while choosing the plug-in.

There are plenty of plug-ins available for Contest and giveaway, but choose the plug-in which has some basic feature that are essential to creating a Contest such as:

  • E-mail listening
  • Social media sharing
  • Sharing referral link


In this article, we recommended the best Contest and Giveaway plug-in for WordPress 2020.



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Rafflepress is one of the most popular plug-ins in the market to create a contest. It allows you to create a landing page and widget for Giveaway easily via drag and drop built. Rafflepress comes with a pre-built template and pages layout which helps you to smoothly run the contest.

The best part is that it’s integrated with the social media platform that will check that the user is verified or not. Rafflepress supports Zapier for seamlessly provide e-mail marketing and connect with other app.


  • Drag and drop builder
  • Integrated with marketing CRM
  • Viral Giveaway template
  • Landing page for Giveaway
  • Retargeting and tracking



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Wpinvite is an excellent tool for promotion.  It helps you to create a different referral campaign. For more, it includes instant reward referral, referral contest, goal-based referral, etc.

The most important thing is it is easy to create and manage the referral link. Wpinvite is friendly with social media so you can easily share a link and promote it.


  • Create a various type of referral campaign
  • Social media integration
  • Tracking of referral campaign
  • Easy to use and monitor link
  • Detail analysis


Social Boost

social boost

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Social Boost is a WordPress Giveaway plug-in that is built especially for work with social media websites. The Social media is the best promotion tool to create and share Giveaway and contest.

Social Boost is integrated with most of every social media platform so it’s easy to enter a contest via social media. It also tracks and monitors the activity.


  • Various method to enter via social media
  • Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messanger, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Easy customization
  • Time management for schedule draw and winner
  • Integrated with google analytic


King sumo


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King sumo is a premium WordPress Giveaway and referral marketing plug-in comes with easy User Interface which allows you to create a viral giveaway.

It includes social sharing options such as Facebook, Instagram to work with several popular email services to grow your email listing.


  • Easy User Interface
  • Social sharing
  • SaaS supported
  • Various platform integration such as social media and email


Contest and Giveaway


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As a name suggest it is an intuitive WordPress plug-in for Contest that lets you create an attractive Contest and giveaway. Users can quickly take a part in your Contest and Giveaway using their email. It helps you to improve user reception but also increase the size of your mail list.

Contest and Giveaway allow you to customize contest.


  • Create beautiful Contest and Landing page design
  • Easy customization of Contest and Giveaway
  • Anti-fraud and duplication detection
  • Image customization
  • Support shortcode for easily embedded Contest

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