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Things to consider before choosing WordPress theme

If you are looking for creating a website in WordPress, you will greet a thousand items to choose from. WordPress has a bundle of theme available for a different purpose, all of having different feature and functionality.

Moreover, you have to choose a theme which suitable for your requirements for the best. In this article, we consider some points which you remember when you choose a WordPress theme.

Pick a lightweight WordPress theme

lightweight WordPress theme

A theme is a large part of the foundation it directly effects website performance. How quickly your website is load it’s important. So choose the lightweight theme, it reduces the loading time.

How can you determine that this theme is lightweight? Well, you can run your own test to check theme performance using GTmetrix.



Features play the most important role while you selecting themes. here are two kinds of themes in this regard. Firstly, you have those that are lightweight and fast and then there are some others that can give you flexibility with a number of features. Having more features can only enhance your experience with WordPress. However, it can also compromise on the speed of the page.



Speed is another factor you can consider while choosing a theme. It’s good things to add plenty of features, but this slow down your speed. Some themes have too many sliders and JavaScript animations which can create a sort of a drag. So in order to give your users a good experience with the website, you would need to choose a theme that is fast, loads quickly, and is thus an efficiently coded platform.


UI and UX

The main aim of a WordPress theme is to make your site look well design and organized, with the user-friendly elements. If your page is too cluttered with features and icons, it will become rather difficult to navigate. Hence, it is best to choose a theme that is simple and easy to customize. Taking a demo of the theme would be a good idea here.



responsive WordPress theme

Nowadays, the website runs on desktop as well as mobile, and more traffic comes from the mobile browser. So, having a non-responsive theme can really pose to be a problem. An ideal theme would actually adapt to different screen sizes and devices and adjust accordingly. This is rather important because you can no more restrict your website to just the computer; it also has to suit well the mobile and tablet devices. You could resize the browser screen and test if your site is being responsive in action or not.


SEO Friendly

seo WordPress theme

WordPress proves to be one of the most effective SEO Friendly content management systems. one must still be careful while choosing a theme so that you do not lose out on essential site traffic.


Easy to use and customization

customize WordPress theme

You must check there is a custom panel or dashboard on the page that can help you make a change when it’s required. You have to depth knowledge about coding structure in order to get a perfect looking style and customize it according to your requirement.



security WordPress theme

You need to have a tight hold on the security of the page in order to be safe. You could go through the reviews of the developers to know how secure their theme is. In this regard, the premium themes from trusted developers could do a better job as compared to the free themes. The theme should be secure with appropriate plugins and password strength.


Easy update

You will have to keep updating your themes on a regular basis. Owing to the constant evolution of the WordPress Content Management System, updating your theme would lead to better security measures.



Price is one of the most important factor while you choose a theme. WordPress has a free and premium theme you can choose depending on your requirement and budget. No doubt paid theme offers better services than free.  However, if a particular free theme suits your purpose, you could go ahead with it. Besides, a premium theme could bring with it a lot of unwanted features like multiple slider plugins.

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