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Best Figma Fonts list for Next UI/UX Project

In Figma Fonts play a pivotal role in the visual appeal and effectiveness of any design project.                

If you are looking for Figma Fonts to craft a sleek user interface or a captivating user experience, here you can get the best Figma fonts list that impacts readability, attention, and the overall look of your project.

Every UI/UX designer makes typography as one of the top priorities in the project because it directly affects the user experience.

Figma fonts are more than just design elements, they are powerful tools that shape the visual language of your projects. While when Selecting the right fonts in Figma, it’s essential to consider factors such as readability, brand consistency, and target audience.

Start Your Own Design with Best Figma Fonts


Screenshot 18

In figma family Laro is famous for its clean and modern design. It adds a touch of sophistication to any project. The clarity and legibility ensure easy reading across different screen sizes and resolutions.


Screenshot 6

In figma family Lora font is famous for its classy and timeless look. It has a amazing balance and smooth lines that make it great for both small text and big headings. Lora’s readability and sophistication make it suitable for a wide range of design projects. It is mix of old-fashioned and modern style with its solid letters and not-too-fancy edges. Lora gives a touch of sophistication and professionalism while ensuring clear and engaging communication with your audience.


Screenshot 7

In Figma family miller is famous for its classic and refined appearance. The clean lines and subtle details of miller make it suitable for various design applications, from body text to headings. Its font’s clarity and readability make it an excellent option for conveying information effectively. The timeless elegance and versatility make it a popular choice among designers.


Screenshot 8

In figma family Poppins is famous for its clean and friendly appearance. The geometric shapes and open counters make it ideal for both display and text purposes. Poppins gives an amazing look with its rounded letterforms and even strokes. It gives wide range of weights and styles that allows to create flexibility in design compositions.


Screenshot 9

In figma family REM is famous for its modern and clean design. The simple and elegant letterforms make it suitable for any design purpose like from headings to body text. It adds a touch of sophistication to any project. Including REM into your Figma designs can elevate the overall visual appeal and create a polished look for your projects.


Screenshot 10

In figma family Roboto is famous for its modern and versatile design. The clean lines and geometric shapes make it suitable for various design applications, from digital interfaces to print materials. It offers flexibility in creating visual hierarchy and emphasis. The neutral appearance of Roboto makes it to adapt well to different design contexts while maintaining a consistent look and feel.


Screenshot 11

In figma family Lunatoire is famous for its whimsical and artistic design. The intricate letterforms and playful details make it perfect for creative projects and branding endeavors. It mainly used for headlines, logos, and decorative elements, infusing projects with character and flair.

Beautiful Freak

Screenshot 12

In figma family Beautiful Freak is famous for its quirky and artistic design. Its unconventional letterforms and playful styling make it perfect for eye-catching headlines and creative projects. Beautiful Freak its distinct personality and expressive shapes, this font brings a sense of whimsy and charm to your projects.

Great Sailor

Screenshot 13

In figma family Great Sailor is famous for its bold and impactful appearance. The unique letterforms and decorative elements make it ideal for eye-catching headlines and branding materials. Its distinctive personality and character make it stand out in both digital and print applications.


Screenshot 14

In figma family Warming is famous for its playful and energetic design. The  whimsical letterforms and unique styling make it ideal for attention-grabbing headlines and branding materials. While With its bold strokes and lively curves, this font exudes a sense of creativity and spontaneity.

Cern & Cern

Screenshot 15

In figma family Great Sailor is famous for stylish and versatile font duo. It is featuring both a serif and a sans-serif variant. This font duo is perfect for creating visual contrast and emphasis within designs.


Screenshot 16

In figma family Great Sailor is famous for its sleek and sophisticated design. Its refined letterforms and subtle elegance make it suitable for various design applications, from body text to headings.

Resist Sans

Screenshot 17 1

In figma family Resist Sans is famous for its modern and edgy design. The clean lines and bold appearance make it suitable for various design applications, from headlines to posters. Its  strong presence and distinctive character make it a popular choice among designers seeking to make a statement. While the unique personality adds a touch of creativity to any project, making it stand out from the crowd.


Screenshot 19 1

In figma family Montserrat is famous for its modern and versatile design. Using Montserrat you can make things stand out or look more important by using different styles or thicknesses.

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