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Angular vs React- Which is better ? 2021

Angular vs React – Choose the right framework of your website means to choose the right vehicle to drive? Angular and React are currently top trending for front-end development. Both are best for application development, which one is chosen, confuse!! Let’s find out the difference between Angular v/s React and choose the best for your website development.

History of Angular vs React

AngularJs was developed by Google and was initially released in 2010. Until 2016 it was called AngularJs and described as a “superheroic JavaScript MVC Framework” on the Angular web page.

The angular team released AngularJs2 which is a complete rewrite of the code of AngularJs., but it reduced the confusion of the developer. So, they decided to drop JS from the original name and now it’s called Angular.

React was developed by Facebook and was initially released in 2013. React library is described as “a JavaScript library for building User Interface”.

ReactJs library is mainly used for build an interactive user interface; on the other hand, angular is a complete framework.

Both Angular and React consider Under MIT License.

Here, we have an Example of Angular and React used for front and development.

react angular example


Angular Framework V/S React Library

Angular and react have many similarities but also have many differences. The biggest difference is angular is a full-fledged MVC framework whereas React is a merely JavaScript Library(Use For User Interaction).

Angular consider as a framework because it is a structured Application, React is only used for designing purposes.

Comparisons Between Angular vs React for front and website development


As per Google Trend React is more popular than Angular.

But Users can show more interest in Angular Due to the availability of the Readymade solution.

google trend


Both Angular and React are components Based.

React Uses JavaScript whereas Angular uses Typescript for web development which is more compact and Error Free.

[ Angular vs React ]

Learning Curve

Angular Is MVC Framework, If you want to implement a website using Angular you need to have depth knowledge of Typescript.

It’s required strict coding which gives clear structuring, but if you want to enter in angular there are a lot many things to learn like modules, components, services, etc.

On the other hand, ReactJs is just a Library and fewer concepts than Angular.

React provides flexibility and gives too many options to a developer to perform the same task differently.

For the Learning Curve React is easier than Angular.

Components and Size

Angular Works on a Real DOM whereas React works on a Virtual DOM.

Angular Contain Bidirectional data flow also it is large in size it contains approx 92 KB Whereas react follows unidirectional data flow and its size approx 46KB.

React is smaller than Angular.

Community Support

React has wider community support than angular on GitHub.

Both React and Angular have major supporters in the development community. Angular is mostly used for large applications whereas React is mostly used for Design centric website that requires more User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

The most popular website that used Angular Are Google, Up work, Nike, etc.

The most popular website that used React Are Netflix, Facebook, etc.

Market Trends

If you are searching for a job in major job platforms like (Stack overflow, Up work) react is more demandable than Angular.

React job Ratio is higher than Angular.

[ Angular vs React ]

Some of the “Out Of Box Things” you can do with Angular

  • Template based on extended HTML Version
  • XSS Protection
  • Dependency Injection
  • Ajax Requested by Angular/HTTP
  • Routing provided by Angular/Router
  • Utility Testing Components
  • CSS Components Implements
  • Building Form

Some of the “Out Of Box Things” you can do with React

  • Use JSX and XML for built on top of JavaScript
  • XSS Protection
  • No Dependency Injection
  • Fetch Ajax Request
  • Utility Testing Components

Some of the Bonus Tip for React

  • For Routing Purpose, user React-Route
  • Redux or Mobx used For statement management
  • For initiating Additional testing utility use Enzyme

[ Angular vs React ]

Everything has a two side, we discussed the positive side, now let’s discuss the disadvantage


  • You can only choose the pre-defined library, but can’t modify the framework.
  • Not flexible for the decision-making process.


  • You have to stay updated for a future update
  • Because of such a framework, you may lose the website structure.
  • Take a lot more time for requirements analysis.

[ Angular vs React ]



Conclusion – Angular vs React

Before comes to any conclusion on which one is used for a website, we need to understand project requirements according to that choosing the right platform for your project.

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