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Top 10 responsive admin templates for website design

Admin Templates – When you want to create a website from scratch, many things matter like design, Coding, UI/UX, etc. All of these things admin templates are the most essential things to create a website if you have limited time and budget.

If you are looking for a perfect admin template that must be responsive.

Let’s understand the admin template concept from scratch.

What is an admin panel?         

The admin panel is the primary tool for you to working with your online store.

Admin has all access and control over the website, you can manage the product, order, offer deals and discounts, interact with the customer, and much more.

What is the admin template?        

Admin templates are web pages that are responsible for the User Interface (UI) at the backend of any web application. Generally, admin templates are a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Creating an admin dashboard panel from scratch required manpower, time, and budget. To overcome this limitation admin dashboard template concept was adopted by many companies.

This admin template comes predesigned and customized according to your website requirements.

Things consider before choosing admin templates

If, you decided to use an admin template for creating the back end of your website and searched on the web. You would have decided on the requirements of your project according to your need to choose the templates.



A template designed with a single goal that makes a task simple. These templates generally come with a customized design to improve overall UI.

It is easy to use to include components like widgets, charts, and tables.

Flexible and customizable

Admin templates have high performance and are generally used anywhere. It most probably adopted every development environment and operating system and compatible with all major devices.

It is highly customized and responsible; users can customize according to the project requirements.


The main reason is admin templates are most popular because of how cost-effective it is.

It is simple and customizes the back end of our web app at a minimal cost and provides an attractive User Interface (UI).


People access the web applications on a different device on a different operating system (OS). Having a template that is functional across all platforms is key for proper functionality.

If the template is 100 % responsive it will save a lot of time.

Privacy and Security

Security and data privacy is the main concern of every website. When it comes to the word “Admin” it must have.

Admin dashboards deal with data with all users. A security breach in this could result in data loss and you may probably be lost the user’s trust.

So, never compromise in security.


Documentation equals authenticity. If the company provides complete documentation of the template, there might be an underlying issue and problem with their services.

The proper documentation of admin templates includes the compatibility, installation, version, and technology, update, and file structure. It helps to avoid troubleshoot.


Another important factor is the version. Templates that don’t generally become useless pretty quick. The plug-in they provide and the add –ons need to be the latest version and work without glitches.


Lack of uniqueness

The main con of templates is that more than one can and will have it. There are chances one template is used by many users.

To prevent this situation choose the unique template and do a lot of customization, but this task requires lots of time and developer effort.

Customization Limitation

In admin dashboard templates comes with customization but it has a limitation.

A ready-made template does not as effective as a customized template. If you do more customize it will change the User Interface (UI).

So, let’s find out the top 10 responsive admin panel templates that help your website make easier

Material Pro

Material Pro is a free admin template with a good set of features. As the name suggests it is based on google material’s design concept.

material able

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Standard Feature

  • Various type of page layout
  • Use Bootstrap CSS look like Material
  • Different option in header color
  • Change the background of the sidebar
  • Live Chat
  • Color and simple Icon


Metronic is based on Bootstrap 4, Angular 8, and reacts admin dashboard theme.

It has a multipurpose default dashboard based on the SaaS application. It is such a well-structured CSS and JavaScript piece of artwork.

The layout design and design element placements are such a wonder.


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Standard Feature

  • 22 type of dashboard
  • Webpack integration
  • Mailbox application
  • Figma version

Admin pro-react-redux admin

Admin pro-react-redux admin is a beautiful design template developed in react. It includes a chat app, email app, calendar app design, etc.

admin pro

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Standard Feature

  • 160+ page templates
  • 2000 premium fonts
  • 4 unique demo variation
  • 65+ UI Components


It is based on Angular material design admin templates. It provides a custom theme generator and helper class to generate your own material pro themes.


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Standard Feature

  • 3 Dashboards
  • 6 template layout
  • 18-page layout
  • 15 content layout
  • Gulp, Bower, SaaS support
  • Multi-language


Flatlab is a Bootstrap responsive admin template it is used with HTML 5 And CSS.


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Standard Feature

  • Hugh collection of UI Components
  • Integrated with latest JQuery Plug-ins
  • Creative mailbox
  • Dynamic, Editable table
  • RTL Enable


The next admin dashboard comes with a high feature-rich page, components. It is fully developer-centric.

While developing a Next we have gone through various testing and code optimization process that helps to speed up performance.


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Standard Feature

  • 200+ Pages
  • Live menu customize
  • 14+ new advanced template
  • 50+ predesign chart
  • 150+ widget
  • Retina response Ready
  • Flexible coding


It is based on the Bootstrap admin web app with Angularjs.

Its main feature is bower dependency management that helps you search within and manage JQuery Library.




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Standard Feature

  • Powerful Angular UI
  • Google material design
  • Nested Routing, Nested View, lazy loads
  • International Translation


Treva admin template is built using the latest bootstrap 4 design frameworks. It comes with Advanced UI components that suit your backend needs.



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Standard Feature

  • Highly feature-rich page
  • 90+ pages layout
  • 10+ Advance layouts
  • 30+ Plug-ins
  • 1000+ UI Element

Flat able

Flat is built using Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS.



Standard Feature

  • Flexible and fast with 16 pre-defined color variation
  • Lock screen
  • Resizable navigation
  • Fixed or fluid layout
  • Custom page for chart, invoice, search, login, and more
  • Bootstrap plug-ins, custom icons, and buttons

Datta able react template

Datta able is one of the most stylish react admin templates in the market.

It comes with developer-centric code and fully responsive.



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Standard Feature

  • 15+ pages
  • 25+ Layout
  • 15+ Widget
  • 5+ Plug- INS
  • 50+ UI elements

Find out more responsive template:

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