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Top 5 Redirection plug-ins for WordPress website

Have you ever need to redirect your page. If not sooner or later you have to. There are many reasons for redirection such as broken link, under construction, page not found, etc. the major reason for redirection is temporary pauses some services or change in domain. In all these situations redirection required. Here we have discussed the best Redirection plug-ins for your WordPress website.



When it comes to redirection WordPress website redirection is one of the most popular plug-ins. it comes with all necessary features such as 301 Redirection, 404 Error page. The best part is this plug-in detects the broken link and fixes it. It automatically creates a new URL when the page is redirected. It manages the permalink and if changes required it’s automatically changed it.


  • Login status analysis
  • Browser, cookies redirection
  • Apache and Nginx support
  • Import and export system
  • Track 404 error


Easy HTTPs redirection

easy http

If you want to automatically redirect your page HTTP to HTTPs Easy HTTPs redirection plug-in used. There is a restriction of the use of this plug-in which is before installing the plug-in to ensure that your website is SSL Certified. Without SSL certification you can not use this plug-in. the best feature of this plug-in is you can redirect the entire domain to HTTPs. It’s also used to load the static file.


  • Auto redirect for the whole domain
  • SSL Certified
  • Easy to use
  • Static file load
  • Regular update


WP 404 Auto redirect to a similar post

wp 404

As a name indicate that it’s used for display 404 Error page. WP 404 Auto redirect to a similar post is easy to use and time-consuming plug-in. The best part is that it automatically detects the 404 error page and auto-redirected to a similar post. WP Redirection is based on the post title, type, and taxonomies. It also redirects to the home page or custom URL.


  • Display debug console
  • Show preview of redirection
  • Create own search engine logic
  • Compatible with other redirection plug-ins
  • 404 auto detect


301 Redirection


301 Redirection is automatically redirected to your website page in 301 and 302 pages. This plug-in is used to manage the SEO Score. It helps you to boost your website score using reorganizing the content.


  • Set a custom destination URL
  • Superfast redirection
  • Retina query string across redirection
  • Import/Export redirection
  • User-friendly redirection status


All 404 Redirection to home page 


As a name indicated that All 404 Redirection to home page plug-in detects the 404 error pages and automatically redirects to the home page. Because it improves the SEO of the site. This plug-in is very handy and helps to improve the SEO of the website. It enables and disable 404 pages and provides full control of the website owner of redirection.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Fast and Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Redirect any custom page
  • Good control panel

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