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Best social Proof plug-ins for WordPress website

social Proof plug-ins – The ultimate goal of running a business is to gain a profit via its physical store or online store. In both, the way marketing plays an essential role in a successful business. In terms of online business, if you want to get more sales and generate more leads by catching the user’s attention. Integrated social proof plug-in ins your WordPress website.

Social proof plug-ins tell the visitor “The product is trusted or not”. When prospective customers lend to your website, they don’t know the product is worth it or not. To convince the theme to provide the demo of the product and social proof around your business.

Common things included social proof plug-ins

  • Notification
  • Comments
  • Testimonial
  • Contact form

Let’s check out the best social proof plug-in.

Trust pulse


Trust pulse is one of the best social proof notification apps in the market. It increases user engagement and displays customer activity instantly (such as time to visit, what product the customer shows).

The goal behind the monitoring of user activity to convince the user and convert interest into a lead. The app tracks the user activity in real-time it’s displays user location on the screen.

Trust pulse track and highlight real purchase, sign-ups, user activity, etc. it enables you to boost your conversion and helps you to boost your conversion. And helps you to grow your business. You can either use the built-in social proof box template or customize it.

It works well with WordPress, Shopify, and big-commerce, etc.

Thrive ovation


Thrive Ovation is one of the most popular social proof plug-ins. It’s the best feature is that it allows the convert comment into a testimonial.

The plug-in collects the information who commented (information such as name, photo, etc) from the comment and displays it effectively in a testimonial slider.

Users can also integrate it with social media (such as Facebook, Twitter). It offers a powerful dashboard to manage all testimonials and comment or social pages in one place or create a landing page.



Wpforms is the easiest to use WordPress contact form plugin for a beginner. It allows creating different types of forms such as testimonial form, registration form, contact form, survey form, etc.

To accept review, them before you publish. You can also create a front-end submission form. You can even create a front-end submission form as well as create a custom form type for review and showcase it differently.

Wpfomify – social Proof plug-ins


Wpfomify is well built social proof plug-in with a user-friendly interface, multiple location types, and a bunch of feature integration.

Using Wpfomify you can display sales notification, showcase live user activity, highlight recently visited users, etc.

It’s integrated with Zapier and sets up everything which is required. You can also get a notification builder interface.

Woo-commerce notification – social Proof plug-ins


As a name suggest woo-commerce notification is specially used for display woo-commerce sales notification.

It displays a real-time notification for sales of the product, high light specific product and manages the user interaction, etc.

You can even create a fake sales notification but it is dishonesty. If you have a woo-commerce site must try this plug-in once.

WP social proof – social Proof plug-ins


WP social proof is a free WordPress social proof plug-in. As long as it’s free, it’s a solid option with a decent feature list and a good-looking notification box.

The plugin specially focused on sales notification, even the user can customize the notification box. It’s pre-built integrated with woo-commerce and an easy downloader.

The plugin also comes with the premium variant if you would like to explore more advanced features and additional functionality to go for the premium version.

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