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Easy to search anything :WordPress Directory plug-in

If you want to create a Directory of local business, people, website. We have a solution for you in our round-up of the best Directory plug-in.

These plug-in are simple, ready to use, flexible, and developer-friendly. Easy to integrate with the website. Here we have a free and premium Directory plug-in.

Create a Directory is a worthwhile option, using monetize you can generate revenue.

Geo Directory


Geo Directory uses a geographical location to set up an online Directory website like Tripadvisor, a yellow page. The plug-in free but for enhance capability buy an extension. It comes with a powerful set of features that enables million of listing and easy to customize. It searches functionality searches according to zip code or street address.

The feature includes 15+ widget, CSV import/export, google map integration, even you can monetize your site using a paid extension. This extension creates a multi-location Directory and adds payment integration via payment gateway.


Business Directory plug-in


Business Directory plug-in is another popular WordPress plug-in that can handle the address book and employee Directory. The free version comes with the No. of feature but you can extend functionality using an extension.

It is used for search local businesses (such as a coffee shop, restaurant), local services( plumber, electrition), maintain staff Directory. You can customize front end even submit the listing.

The premium version includes

  • Google map integration
  • Access payment gateway
  • Multi-location
  • Review


Connection business Directory


Connection business Directory is focused on helping you create a Directory of people such as:

  • An address book
  • A staff member Directory (example: in school system maintain teacher Directory)
  • A Link Directory

Connection Business Directory is compatible with WordPress theme and SEO Friendly. There are No. of free and paid extensions with over 180 filter hooks and 300 filters. Most important it is developer-friendly.




Ulisting is a premium WordPress Directory plug-in crafted that provides modern design and user experience. It is built in Vue.js. Ulisting market itself more toward niche such as

  • Real estate listing
  • Job listing
  • Event listing
  • Course listing

The premium version includes:

  • Subscription pricing plan (which include monetizing your Directory)
  • Single and multi-user role
  • Social login
  • Multiple listing


Advance classified Directory pro


Advance classified Directory pro is a free plug-in. As a name suggest it can help you create a classified listing of a website as well as create a traditional Directory. It allows user to register, via creating an account using this you can edit, delete, manage the account.

It provides ultimate location support including

  • Google map integration onto show listing on a map.
  • You can monetize your website.
  • Make their listing feature
  • Create multiple types of listing

In premium version include monetizing your Directory.




Directorist is an exclusive WordPress Directory plug-in for all sorts of different business purposes with numerous amazing features. The plug-in allows you to add an unlimited custom field to control your listing. You can let people to submit listing from front end some of the most notable extension.

  • More monetize option via integrated with woo-commerce
  • Live chat
  • Social login
  • Map integration


Everest Business Directory


Everest Business Directory is mostly focused on helping you create a Directory of physical business. It is a lightweight free Directory.

User can submit listing from the front end and manage their existing listing from a front end dashboard. You can get different templates to display listing including a solid search to let visitor filter by keyword, location, category.

Display listing on a map via google map integration.


LDD Directory lite


LDD Directory lite is a lightweight WordPress plugin that comes in a free core version at create a directory of local business, service provider, organization.

The premium extension includes:

  • User review for Directory listing
  • Social share button for a listing
  • Social login
  • Import/Export CSV
  • Report generation


Web 2.0 -Directory plug-in


Web 2.0 is a completely responsive plug-in that allows users to create any type of online business such as classified, advertisement, real estate, or yellow page listing. Search within a radius makes it ideal for the local Directory.

It offers a bunch of features that are necessary for Directory building. These include front end listing, editing, powerful search option with a content field, rating option, etc.

It is compatible with Woo-commerce and Yoast SEO plug-in.


Maplist pro


Maplist pro is easy to use, fully-featured google map, and location listing WordPress plug-in. It helps you to display location in a page that is sortable, searchable, filter base.

Maplist pro ideal choice for creating store location, office address, and contact listing.


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