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Top 8 Social network platform template in 2020

Running your own social networking site is a tricky task. if your trick will work your website get famous, then you can easily monetize it. Creating a successful social media network requires a responsive design and structure. The social media network template gives you plenty of user management options. A template makes your work easy and makes your website structure well. Here let’s find out the best social network platform template and customize it according to your needs.

One social theme – social network platform template


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One social theme offers an excellent option for the user who is looking to create a community website. Design-wise it boasts a minimal appeal which makes it load faster and also helps the user to find the route.

The themes allow a user to create a personal profile or share information with public and private offers a social login integration such as Facebook, global language support.


  • Woo-commerce integration
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Start a blog
  • Cross-browser compatibility




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Kelo is one of the most popular WordPress community themes. The theme is loaded with a demo content that can be easily incorporated with a site by a single click of a button.

Kelo comes with a sidekick tutorial built-in. so, you will get hang of using all the features of the theme relatively and quickly.

It comes with a ready to use login and registration form. it contains visual composer built-in helps to create a custom page layout sensei plugin that helps you to set up an e-learning course.


Salutation – Responsive WordPress and Buddy Press theme


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Salutation is a WordPress and Buddy Press theme. If you can not familiar with Buddy Press, it is a social network plugin for WordPress that allows your website to become a fully functional community portal.

It is a clean design focused on lightweight content organization. It comes with well design or structure. and it gives you full admin right to complete control of your website. it’s easy and unique to manage design.

Salutation comes with a drag and drop builder, sidebar generator, etc. it is responsive and compatible with all major devices.


Buddy Boss theme


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Buddy Boss is a social networking plugin for WordPress website that allows your website to become a fully functional community with a responsive and user-friendly website.

If you are a new user in Buddy Press, you will very much appreciate the ease of use, and minimalistic offers of buddy boss theme. It is easy to use also allows developers to tweak around code.

Buddy Boss is a super user-friendly. It comes with great quality.


Olympus- powerful Buddy Press theme for social network platform theme


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Olympus WordPress theme is the only tool needed for building a powerful social network and creating a friendly community with hundreds of the member. it does not require any coding skills and installation.

It provides a range of social and profile features that will take your WordPress community next level. It also comes with an amazing profile picture such as a private profile, profile new feed, widget, unlimited style, and structure.


Social marketplace theme


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If you want to create a community around the marketplace, then the social marketplace theme might be some assistance. The theme is a combination of woo-commerce and WC vendors. it helps design a compelling marketplace experience.

The social marketplace theme allows you to create a personal store. It can be integrated with affiliate commission within a community experience.

It comes with A powerful feedback system, Which necessary in the marketplace. product and attributes filtering system, a visual composer.


Social learner theme


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The social learner theme has been made with a learndash and Buddy Press. Learndash helps you to integrate a learning management system into WordPress. Buddy Press made with the community building plugin for CMS.

This is one of the ideal choices for people who are looking forward to creating an online community revolving around education and learning.


  • Easy to integrate such as a drip-feed content,
  • Advance quizzer, lesson timer
  • Customization option to help you brand the content on your website.


NRG network


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NRG network is a flexible, modern and responsive social network template for creatives.

It comes with 29 pages, easy to customize the layout as well as fast and responsive design. It gives a good structure format layout of your WordPress site.


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