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Top 10 VueJS Admin Dashboards of 2021


VueJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces on the web. It is very small and lightweight as well as easy to use. If you want to create a website, admin dashboards are commonly used for modern apps. If you want to create an app from scratch but do not want to spend hours and hours designing your admin dashboard. We have the best collection of VueJS Admin Dashboards, they are not only saving time but also come with a:

  • Built-in components for common use cases
  • Consistent styling across different views
  • Built-in responsive design
  • Fully documentation and support


Why choose VueJS

  • It comes in a tiny size:  the downloaded zip with the framework weighs 18 KB. As a featherweight, the framework is not only fast to download and install the library
  • It also positively impacts your SEO and UX.
  • Virtual DOM rendering and performance
  • Reactive two-way binding
  • Single file components and readability
  • Provide integration capability and flexibility
  • Solid tooling ecosystem
  • Easy to learn


Here, is a collection of some of the best VueJS admin dashboard:

Vuexy – VueJS admin dashboard template


Vuexy is advanced among all VueJS admin template. This template is highly responsive, clean, and well structured.  Vuexy bootstrap admin template is laced with VueJS, HTML (bootstrap 4), PHP (laravel 6) and React (reactstrap). This graphically enriched bootstrap template is highly recommended by developers for its user-friendly experience and speed. It is RTL Ready and comes with UI/UX tools alongside much more amazing valuable features.


  • 6 workable applications
  • RTL and Multilingual
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy to customize
  • Light and dark layout


OneUI – VueJS starter kit


OneUI Vue Edition is a pure Vue.js version of OneUI. It is built with Vue CLI, Vue.js, Vue Router, Vuex, and BootstrapVue and included in the package since the 4.6 updates. OneUI is a professional, flexible, modern, fully-featured admin template that can be used to create the UI for all kinds of projects. It is perfectly suitable for Web Applications, Backend Websites, Websites, Custom Admin Panels, Admin Dashboards, CMS, CRM, or even a Portfolio, Blog, Business Website.


  • Built using great tools and resources such as Bootstrap, SAAS, ECMAScript, FontAwesome, gulp, webpack
  • Modular and lightweight
  • Comes with HTML and PHP version
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Responsive




Gull is a modern Bootstrap 4 admin template and UI framework with vue version. It is fully responsive built using SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins and packed with smart developer tools such as Gulp, Babel, and Browsersync. It can be used for building all kinds of Cross-platform Applications and Web application backends like custom admin panel, admin dashboard, accounting software, project management, chat application.


  • Full SAAS support
  • A prebuilt app such as chat, invoice builder, inbox
  • Customizable SAAS color scheme
  • Chart for data visualization
  • Clean and commented code


Cuba – Bootstrap HTML,VueJS & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template


Cuba Admin is a full-featured, multipurpose, premium bootstrap admin template built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with the latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all types of Web applications like custom admin panel, app backend, CMS, or CRM.


  • Pixel perfect design
  • W3C validate code
  • Multi-color option
  • Light and dark and box template
  • Styling with SAAS




Vuely is a fully responsive admin template developed with VueJS 2. It comes with lots of pre integrated features developed with an easy component structure including custom pages. Besides, it is developed with an approach to provide the developers a hassle-free development experience.


  • Pre-designed custom pages
  • Translation ready
  • Flexible design
  • Integrate features like charts, graphs, and data tables
  • Multicolor version along with a light dark mode




Piaf is a VueJS admin theme combination of good design, quality code. We can use VueJS without jQuery. The template is highly responsive and fits well with every device such as mobile, tablet and compatible with browsers such as Mozilla, chrome.


  • 4 dashboard and 10 color scheme option
  • No jQuery dependency
  • Well structure code
  • Responsive
  • Pre-built app such as chat


Clear – VueJS and Laravel Admin template


Clear is a Bootstrap + VueJS Admin Template is a bootstrap based admin template for professionals who are looking for a clear and clean admin template. It comes in two versions such as light and dark, you can choose the color scheme you like.


  • Clean and module code – CSS, JS separated properly
  • Built with SAAS
  • Lots of custom page
  • Blazing fast
  • Fully responsive



skote VueJS Admin Dashboards

Skote is a fully featured premium admin dashboard template in VueJS and Laravel + VueJS with developer-friendly codes. It is based on Vue CLI & Vuex component framework with Firebase and fack-backend authentication and multi-language supported. We have not used jQuery in this template its pure VueJS admin template with reusable components.


  • Pure VueJS template, no jQuery dependency
  • Multi-language support
  • Firebase authentication
  • Light dark mode
  • RTL Ready




Nazox is a beautifully crafted, clean, and minimal design admin template that comes with a developer-friendly code. It is a pure VueJS admin template. It will help your team moving faster and saving development costs and valuable time. If you’re a developer and looking for an admin dashboard that is fully responsive with Bootstrap 4.5.0 and VueJS without jQuery then Nazox is a perfect choice for you.


  • Clean and well structure code
  • Created with Vue CLI
  • Firebase authentication
  • Multilingual support with JSON file
  • W3C Validate code




Adminify is a fully responsive powerful admin template. Also, it is developed with VueJS and Bootstrap 4. Besides, it comes with pre-integrated features required for your admin panel. Furthermore, it is deoped with an approach to provide the developers a hassle-free development experience. Adminify has lots of multiple dashboards like Ecommerce, CRM, Crypto, and Web Analytics.


  • Integrated CRM and Crypto
  • 2 Design layouts (Collapsed sidebar, RTL Layout)
  • Sidebar color variation
  • Translation ready
  • Awesome chart and graphs



VueJS is a new framework compare to Angular and React, but its popularity increase day by day. The above mention collection of VueJS admin templates will help you to choose the perfect template for your project and helps you to save your time and money.


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