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Best Top 10 Affiliate marketing Plug-in for WordPress Wesite 2021

Concept of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing type in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor and customer. In simple terms, it is a process to earn money via promoting someone’s other product and earn the commission (Money).

Affiliate marketing is a smart way to make money online vid promoting products and services. When your user purchases with your link, you can earn a commission.

If you want to earn money using affiliate marketing so need to have the right set of a plug-in. How to choose the right plug-in and how the process work:

  1. How affiliate marketing program work
  2. Choose a product that you want to promote
  3. Promote it on your website, blog, or any other medium
  4. Earn commission via the referral link

Having the right set of plug-in in your toolbox makes affiliate marketing easy in this post, you will find a plug-in for:

  1. Organize and clock your affiliate marketing link
  2. Affiliate management software for the seller
  3. Pop up solution for display affiliate link at right time and right uses
  4. An analytic solution for tracking affiliate link

The key point to consider when choosing the link

  • Easy to add
  • Manage and save affiliate link inside WordPress
  • Create sharable affiliate link for social media and podcast
  • Grow your network and built a loyal follower
  • Track the performance

Here are the top 10 affiliate marketing plug-ins that make your work easiest.

Preety link – Affiliate marketing


Preety link enables you to easily cloak the affiliate link to promote on your website. It is one of the most trusted plug-ins used over 2,00,000 websites. It allows you to easily add a link to your WordPress post, create a short memorable affiliate URL for a podcast/social media, a cloak affiliate link, and more.

Preety link allows you to easily set server-side rendering. pretty link creates an automatic short link for your post and pages and shares them on Twitter with a customizable message. It also gives a detailed link report in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Thirsty affiliates – Affiliate marketing


Thirsty affiliate is another most powerful plug-in for affiliate management. It allows you to manage the affiliate link within the WordPress admin dashboard easily. It manages all affiliate links in a single place without hassle. Whenever you want to change a link you can do with altering the URL. You can simply customize it with a thirsty affiliate panel which automatically changes the URL.

The best thing about the plug-in is it can replace any keyword with an affiliate marketing link as well as customize the URL.



Adsanity provides an easy way to insert an affiliate marketing banner inside the page and sidebar widget. Using Adsanity you can manage your affiliate campaign and ads with your wordpress admin panel.

The main benefit of Adsanity is you can display banners in a specific time frame on your website. You can easily track the performance of each banner you published on your website. It is the perfect tool for website owners who also use Google Adsense and another ad program to supplement their revenue. Even you can filter the data specific range-wise.

Affiliate WP


Affiliate WP is the best affiliate management plug-in for WordPress. It is developed by the same folk behind the renowned easy digital download plug-in, which is listed WordPress as one of the best e-commerce plug-ins.

If you are selling a product on your WordPress website and want to create a full-fledged self-hosted affiliate program.

Affiliate WP is easy to set up, offers seamless integration with your e-commerce product purchase, tracking affiliate sales, and more.



Promoting Amazon products easily on your website with EasyAzon. You can find the relevant products right on your dashboard as well as create an affiliate link to the product.

EasyAzon comes with a bunch of features such as automatic affiliate link, cloaking, insert an image affiliate link and add buy button of



RafflePress is the best WordPress plugin that allows you to create a viral giveaway and contest on your website which helps you to gain lots of traffic.

It comes with a drag-drop giveaway builder to create engaging giveaway campaigns. This helps you run promoting specific affiliate product campaigns according to season-wise and occasions-wise. It helps to grow the email list.



Wpforms is the most beginner-friendly wp contact form plug-in. It comes with a drag-drop builder to create any type of form on your website easily.

You can create an affiliate sign up form and allows a potential partner to send an affiliate to your website. A potential customer is more likely to purchase a product recommended by people. You are making it easy for your visitor rich.

It integrates your forms with the best email marketing services. So, you can built a connection and recommended a product, and convince them to make a purchase.

Amazon product in a post plugin


Amazon product in a post plugin enables you to quickly add a formatted Amazon product in your blog post. For adding a product you’ll need to have an amazon affiliate account and amazon product advertising API keys. After configuring keys, you also can add products to your blog post.



Yoast is one of the best WordPress SEO plug-ins and will help you to attract the right traffic to your affiliate website. The Yoast SEO takes care of all the technical SEO optimization you need for your site. It allows you to choose focus keywords when you are publishing content and then make sure that you used them appropriately on that page.

Yoast is a must-have plug-in you’re of your WordPress website to monitor the performance.



Semrush is one of the best SEO tools in marketing. It is a complete SEO and Marketing toolkit for the content creators and highly effective for the affiliate market.

It is an SEO solution so it helps you to find proper keywords, find new ideas, see ranking. with the help of this (Keyword research and Competitor analysis) to find which affiliate product is popular among your competitor. With the use of this result, you can find niche products to promote.

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