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Tips for choose the best WordPress Theme 2021

WordPress Theme For Website – WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) System with 60.4% of the market share. This means WordPress is used by a 33.5% online website. WordPress theme is best for design and provides coding flexibility.

There are many reasons for WordPress Popularity:

  1. It is easy to use
  2. User can configure according to business needs
  3. There are both free and premium plugs – ins available

So, instead of creating a website from scratch. It is easy to use a ready-to-use website template and customizes it according to your business needs. There are Thousands of Free and Premium themes available in the market. Which one you have to choose. It’s confusing, right?

The pro tip is that choose the theme according to your website that requires minimum customization. The perfect theme makes the website interesting and some are down performance.


So, how do you pick the right theme? Let’s discuss tricks that help you to choose perfect themes.

Go through trusted Source

Be careful while choosing themes. Don’t download themes from an unknown source. Download themes only from a trusted source such as or envanto. Before downloading check that no spam and virus in the file.

The best place to download themes from WordPress’s official website. There are many free and premium themes available in marketing.

Before using these themes check the documentation, read the review, and rating.

Choose Lightweight Theme

Your theme plays a key role on your website. So, it has a high effect on your site performance and load time.

How quickly your website load on the browser is the effect on your conversion, user experience, and SEO effect.

So, How can you say that the theme is lightweight? Well, you can test by using performance tools like GTmetrix.

Before buying the premium version install the demo version and check the site performance and explore the feature.

Go for Simplicity

Choose a simple theme, But it’s an appealing design. Simplicity attracts the user the most.

The thought behind this is to look good without compromising your site’s usability.

Choose the simple themes and say no to complex ones.

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Quality Support

If you are using premium WordPress themes, it should come up with the best quality support.

This support can be found via Live Chat or E-mail.

If the user has any error or issue regarding a premium theme, the developer should able to guide and helps to solve the problem.

Capability with cross-platform

Chrome is the most popular browser but it does not mean that every user uses chrome.

You might be surprised that most of the mobile user uses the pre-built browser. So it is necessary to use a cross-platform compatibility theme.

Before buy, the theme checks the supported version information.

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Check code Quality

Poor coding provides a negative effect on your website performance. It creates a junk file in the database and exposes your site to the hacker that slows down your site.

So, always choose the high security and latest coding standard theme. – WordPress Theme For Website

Check the demo

Before installing the theme, choose the demo.

In the demo must see the following things

  • Visual content
  • Highly readable font
  • Usability


Most of the user uses the mobile phone for browsing. So you must sure that your themes are responsive on every device such as a mobile, tablet, etc.


Conclusion – WordPress Theme For Website

There are things you must follow before choosing the right themes. There are some best themes for your website 1) Avada 2) Able pro


For better understanding, we will be divided security into four parts.

  • WordPress login/admin panel
  • Enhancing the security of WordPress theme and plug-ins
  • Improve Database security
  • Hosting security

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