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8 Simple Step to Improve WordPress Website Speed

WordPress Website Speed – WordPress is an open-source CRM platform for designing and developing an interactive website. Normally, most of the E-commerce and service site designing in WordPress. How to speed up a WordPress website is surely a hot topic? There is a various technique available for improving WordPress website speed.

Before discussing the technique of speed up, let’s get to know why should you speed up WordPress.

  • Search engines rank websites with fast loading times higher than slow-loading ones. If you want to improve SERP, improve website speed is first priority.
  • The online buyer is the most impatient, they want a result within a second. If you are running an e-commerce business a speed provides a major effect on your business’s profitability.
  • Check the load time, first analyze your current page load time, remember that each page has a different load time. A page load time depends on a various feature such as

[ WordPress Website Speed ]

  1. The size of a particular page
  2. How many requests it generates
  3. Whether it is cached or not
  4. Type of page content

You can check the load time online using various tools:


2) Pingdom


Simple step to improve website speed

1) Choose a high-performance hosting provider

Ultimately speed is the most important of any website. it is a good idea to host your website on a shared hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth, space, email, domain, and more. But share hosting fail to deliver a good loading time.

Shared hosting tends to deliver a poorer performance because the same resources share with countless websites, and no one knows how many resources are used.

There are Webhosting providers like “Cloudways” who make the task of setting up an optimized cloud server a click and launch.


2) Use a Lightweight WordPress theme

WordPress themes with a lot of dynamic elements, slider, widget, social icon, and many more elements. But remember one thing the more element page contains page size increased and it’s more occupy server space and increases the load time.

So, choose a lightweight theme that is simple and minimal but contains all useful elements.


3) Reduce image size         

The image occupies a lot of space in the webserver. The trick is to reduce the image size without compromising image quality.

If you manually optimize the image using a chrome page speed insight extension, it will take a long time.

There are plug-ins available to optimize image and compress the size

1) Oprimble

2) WP Smush


4) Minify JS & CSS

If you run a website through Google page speed inside the tool. you will be notified about the size of JS and CSS. The meaning is that if you reduce the number of files of JS and CSS, that you can improve site speed.

WordPress has an auto-optimize plug-in that helps you to optimize the CSS, JS, and HTML of your WordPress website.


5) Use an advanced caching mechanism

WordPress caching plug-in has been there for a long time, making complex tasks of adding caching rules to your website element easier.

Combine a caching plug-in with a varnish could help you a better loading speed of your website.


6) Use CDN

A website can be used globally. The site speed will differ if the visitor is away from your site is hosted. There are many CDN that helps in keeping the site loading speed to a minimum for a visitor from various country.

CDN copy the website in various data centers located in different places. The primary function of CDN is it will find the closest server of the site.

There are most popular CDN are

1) Cloudflare

2) MaxCDN

7) Deactivate or uninstall a plug-in

Keeping a wanted plug-in on your WordPress website will add junk files that increase the size of the backup file. That effect the loading speed of the site.

It is better to uninstall unused plug-in IFTTT or zapier are web services that help automatically detect unused plug-in. such a task reduces the burden of the site.


8) Keep external script minimum

The external script on your web pages adds a big chunk of data to your total loading time. It is best to use a low number of script tracking use Google analytic.


Conclusion – WordPress Website Speed

The biggest advantage of lowering your website loading time is to improve the experience of the visitor. It will remain the same for all devices such as a mobile, tablet. I hope you will use this technique to improve a WordPress website speed.


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[ WordPress Website Speed ]

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