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Remove a language barrier: best WordPress translation plug-ins for WordPress website

WordPress is used by millions of users globally. Each country speaks a different language but the most common language all over the world speak is can reach the million of the user via translating your website into native language by translation plug-ins. So, you would know how translation plug-ins important?

WordPress translation plug-ins are a cost-effective way of publishing content in multiple languages. There are various translation plug-ins available in WordPress.

The process of choosing a plug-in

Understanding the translation process is one of the most important things you need to check before installing plug-ins. And be know what you want to.

  • Does it require you to download a language pack?
  • Does it make use of third party web apps like google translator?
  •  Is it offer a manual and automatic translation?


Types of translation

Manual translation

You will need to actually write each individual translation, or hire someone to do it such as a professional translator. It is more time consuming and expensive, but make sure that your translation is perfect.

Automatic translation

Automatically translate content translate via computer as an illustration google translation.


Here are lists of Multilanguage translate plug-ins:

Translate press


With the translated press, you can control every translation of your website. The main feature pf the translated press allows you to directly translate from the front end. You can easily switch the language and see the live effect instantly. user can change content, theme, and plugin without changing interface.

Translate press perfect for manual translation. You can translate it yourself or design the custom translator use role to any user on your site.

It manual translation, you can use google translation. This allows AI translation and manual correction. This plug-in creates SEO friendly URL for all language, which boasts a local SEO result.




WPML is one of the most popular WordPress multilingual plug-in. it comes with a translation manager that will translate content, plugin, theme, etc.

The paid version has a Multilanguage blog and multi-language CMS. You can utilize a multilingual plan in E-commerce, page builder support, custom field.

WPML is easy to use and manage multiple content across the website. It supports all post types, custom field and string generation via WordPress theme and plugin.

It also comes with a third-party translation service provided.




Polylang is a popular translation plugin that allows you to create a multilingual WordPress website. It comes with a simple interface to easily add a translation for your post, page, widget and more.

It does not come with support to translate your WordPress theme and plug for this you will need to purchase an add-on.

The best feature is SEO friendly URLs for each language. It perfectly works with major SEO plugin for a particular language section you can add switcher to your sidebar.




Weglot is a cloud-based translation plugin. It works with many platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and more.

During the setup, you will need to enter the weglot API to connect with the WordPress website to their platform after you will choose your preferred language and site language.

It majority used to translate all your content, manage translation and push theme to your live website.

The best feature includes SEO friendly URLs for each language, woo- commerce integration, language switcher, and third party service.


Multilingual Press


It takes a different approach to create a multilingual website with WordPress instead of creating a simple website.

This plugin manages the content efficiently and improves performance by loading on language at a time. It comes with an easy interface to manage translation from a single dashboard.

Unlike other plugins, it’s come with no lock-in meaning if you disable the plugin your site work as usual.

It supports 174 languages. The multilingual Press is an SEO friendly URL that offers custom URLs that generated a specific translate language.


G Translate


G Translate is one of the most popular WordPress translation plugins by google translation. It automatically connects to Google API and can fetch translation for any language.

Using G Translation you can translate the content of a web in 103 languages. You can manually correct google’s automatic translation. It also provides google analytic integration. So, you can ensure the translation result is beneficial for the user.

G Translate comes with a language switcher option. So, you can easily translate. The paid version allows you to choose the SEO friendly URL and indexing via translation plugin.


Transposh -translation plug-ins 


Transpose combine automated machine translation using manual human translation. Here, you can get a contribution from the user with an easy to use in-context interface.

Transpose hire a professional translator to submit a translation. It is an automated translation feature that supports Google, Bing and major translation services.


Google website translator


Google website translator plugin allows you to use Google translate API to translate your website content. It uses a default Google translation plugin button which you can display anywhere on your website.

You can select the language you want to show in the switch option. Which is a display using the sidebar widget. The shortcode feature allows you to offer machine translation for a specific page.


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