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Metronic – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Today I will review the Metronic responsive admin template. This dashboard template is overly advance & feature-rich in contrast to other admin templates. The new updated version 6 of the Metronic admin template supports the Bootstrap 4 & Angular 8 framework. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that Metronic is a Bootstrap 4 admin template & Angular 8 admin template too. Both angular & bootstrap version of the Metronic dashboard template comes with 12 dashboard layouts, RTL, widgets, skin, charts & many other features.

Metronic admin not only comes with admin layouts and other dashboard features. But it also comes with detailed documentation & also supports video tutorials too.

Why choose Metronic Admin Dashboard Template?

Today all things are going online and are managed online. Whether a simple static website, big or average size e-commerce store, mobile app, or any online web applications. It is all controlled VIA a backend application. Also known as admin panel or admin dashboard. The admin dashboard is a board full of information & statical data. That includes all information about front-end web applications and represents data in a user-friendly way. Now here the admin templates come in the picture. It’s used to help the user to get updated by all the required information, just in a glance. Admin Template is a user-side interface, for admin dashboard projects and helps to get complete in a fast time.

Metronic is a super flexible admin template with Bootstrap 4 & Angular 8 frameworks. You can create any Bootstrap & Angular admin applications like custom admin panels, eCommerce backends, web application, CMS, CRM, SAAS application, and many more with the Metronic admin dashboard template. With flexibility, it also has a smooth & clean look which makes it more attractive and unique from others.

metronic layouts

Today Metronic admin dashboard template is the number #1 dashboard template on ThemeForest in the Admin Templates category. Metronic admin template is also number 1 in these categories like most top-rated admin templates, Bestselling admin templates, and not last but the least in also trending admin template too.

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Metronic Admin Dashboard Template V6 Key features are as follows.

metronic version.6
metronic version.6.5

  1. 11+ dashboard layouts with a smooth and clean design look.
  2. To quick-start project “How to” Video tutorials are available.
  3. Supports Angular 8.
  4. Pre-built applications.
  5. Javascript built plugins used for high performance.
  6. Classic Layout builder.

Multiple Skin & Demos

Metronic admin dashboard template layouts come with trendsetting & future-proof design for your projects.

Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo1
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo11
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo10
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo8
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo5
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo4
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo3
Metronic Admin Dashboard Template Demo2


Metronic comes with 11+ unique dashboard layouts. The layout version varies from each other like the vertical navbar, horizontal navbar, box layout, menu with icons, navbar with image, gradient color layout, and many other alternatives are also available. All these layouts come with RTL & Angular 8 design support too.

Layout Builder

Layout builder is the most advanced & unique feature of the Metronic admin dashboard template. Undoubtedly you can say this is one of the reasons Metronic is the number #1 selling admin template of all time.

Metronic Layout Builder

Metronic Layout Builder

To build your desired layout, all you have to do is, select your desired layout options from the layout builder & hit the export button. Creating a page with the Metronic admin template is not less than fun now, thanks to this astounding layout builder.

Fast Loading Time

All plugins used in the Metronic admin dashboard template, are built with pure javascript. Moreover, all modern jquery powerful building tools like NPM, Yarn, Gulp & SASS, and standard jquery is also used & packed to boost the user development process for optimal performance.

Editing Metronic pages and by individual

Now, this is a remarkably important point for any Bootstrap or Angular admin template. Using a web template makes the developing process fast & easy, and also saves the project cost too. But what if the admin template which we are using for our project is not userfriendly? It would be a big shit mess. So now, in consideration of this Metronic admin dashboard template, it is a fully userfriendly admin template.

metronic developer

Metronic comes with a fully developer-friendly, bug-free code. As I mentioned earlier, editing a page using the Layout Builder makes the process super easy. Whether you are a novice or experienced developer no need to worry, this theme is a bonanza for all.

Reason to choose Metronic Admin Template

metronic strong

Till now, I have reached all leading points & features of the Metronic admin dashboard template in its review. Most complete & loved admin dashboard template of all time. It comes with 12 dashboard page layouts, Well-designed Widgets, Charts, Advance Tables, UI Components, Applications, Extra pages, Layout Builder, and many more things perfectly designed and included with Metronic.

Furthermore, all widgets & other advances feature components use pure javascript, which makes it performance to some next level. Working with the Metronic admin dashboard template is to strike gold.

Pricing plan

In compare to Metronic admin template features, its price is as easy and smooth as its admin template design. Metronic admin template comes with two simple pricing plans Regular License & Extended License. A regular License is just for $35 & an Extended License at only $1200.

Metronic is a buy one get multiple offers actually, a win-win condition. As this admin template supports Bootstrap 4 & Angular 8, both files exist in the package. You will receive both admin template files at a single price.

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Support & Documentation

metronic support
metronic support

The Metronic admin template comes with 5 starts excellent support. Super detailed documentation and easy video tutorial are also able to kick start your project.


After reviewing the Metronic admin dashboard template, now let me introduce its author/theme provider & developer. This best selling #1 Metronic admin template is by Keenthemes. On Themeforest, Keenthemes is a Power Elite Author. They only have one product on ThemeForest, which is none other than the Metronic admin dashboard template, sold 74k+ times with a 6k+ rating.

Review Conclusion for Metronic

The Metronic admin dashboard template is a bestselling admin template of all time on. Its selling number is enough to speak about this theme in the admin template category on ThemeForest. Metronic is supported by bootstrap 4 & angular 8, and also comes with 12 admin page layouts, charts, advance table, lightweight weights, forms, RTL, and other many more things included in the package.

Metronic is super flexible that you can create any of your custom Bootstrap 4 Admin Template, Angular 8 Admin Template, and custom web applications. In their future update, they are also going to release and add the Native React version & VueJS version with this Metronic admin dashboard template. So you will get Bootstrap, Angular 8, React, and VueJS admin dashboard templates with Metronic. Its a worth buying admin templates.

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