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How to choose a perfect blogging platform?

blogging platform – Are you want to start your own blog? Looking for a perfect blogging platform to share your knowledge with the online community, but can’t choose the perfect platform. There are various platforms available for blogging, how do you find the right one.

In this article, we share the best blogging platform that might help you to choose the perfect blogging platform according to your blog requirements.

Choose the blogging platform to consider the following thing:

  • As a beginner, you have to consider a platform that’s easy to set up has a low learning curve and does not require coding skills.
  • First think about which type of blog you want to right such as technology, fashion, travel, etc. second thing is that a blog is a personal use or professional.
  • Always choose a flexible platform because in the future you can change it. If your blog starting to grows up starting the wrong platform can make it difficult to switch later.
  • If you are creating a blog for personal use, and don’t have a plan to make money right now. It’s smart to make sure you have an option to do in the future.


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, overly 30% of the website on the internet build in WordPress.

It is an open-source platform that will create a blog within a minute. It is a self-hosted solution which means that you will need to signup WordPress hosting provider.


  • It gives control over every aspect of your website.
  • You can grow extra features like a forum, online store, paid membership.
  • A thousand free themes available for WordPress, allow you to create a beautiful website.
  • WordPress has a 54,000 free plugin that installs according to your requirements.
  • A WordPress search engine is friendly, user can easily create SEO-friendly URL, category, and tag post.


Wix is a free website builder that can be totally managed from the front end.

It comes with a drag-drop option. So, you don’t have to handle anything in the backend. The design is very modern and classic. Which is used by a beginner and professional.

The best thing is that it comes with free hosting. So, you need to arrange the layout, pick a template and it will be ready to use.


  • Wix provides a free and premium attractive template.
  • Wix AI creates a site for you based on a questionnaire or builds a blog itself.
  • It has a huge collection of page elements, a multimedia widget to the background, menu, typography, video, box, etc.
  • Easy and quick setup


Blogger is a free blogging service offered by Google. It offers a quick and easy way to create a blog for non-tech-savvy users.

Blogger is the oldest blogging platform, it is the best solution for personal blogs. It’s not for a professional blog. It works like other hosted platforms.

Blogger delivers a bunch of templates and themes. Blogger has a simple appearance and easy to use. The best thing is that it comes with ad space that you can place within your content. It comes with a google robust secure platform and reliability.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Perfect for personal blogging
  • Comes with the google adspace


Tumblr is different than other blogging sites .it is a microblogging platform with a social networking feature blog, reblogging, built-in sharing’s integrated with social media. The interface of Tumblr is easy to start with.

Just like other blogging platforms, it provides different formats and versatile content styles. It’s only used for personal blogging, not ideal for business.

The best thing about Tumblr is it does let you display ads on your page, use an affiliate link and integrate your blog with google analytics.


  • Tumblr comes with the social media feature and integrated with it.
  • It’s used for affiliate marketing.
  • Easy to use


Medium is a multipurpose platform and grown-up community for writers, journalists, bloggers, and experts.

It is easy to use a blogging platform with limited social media features.

Medium works like social media where you can create an account and publish a blog. The biggest advantage is that a medium has a 60 million reader per month so, you can get the exposer.


  • Easy to use with no setup required
  • It allows you to reach more audiences of an online community with similar interests.


Weebly is another website builder that you can use not only for blogs but also used to sell a product, showcase portfolio. It comes with a drag-drop editor, there is no coding skill required for setup a blog. Users can customize it according to their blog requirements.

It provides a sidebar, media bar, forms, adspace, newsletter subscription, and more.

Weebly comes with built-in analytics and lets you used your own customized domain.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Build-in drag-drop editor
  • Built-in analytics and customize your own domain


Ghost is another WordPress-like blogging platform. It is free to download but you have to pay for hosting. It’s easy cheap and comes with a bunch of nice features.

It is easy to set up your website. the editor is simple and minimalist and offers a live preview in the right panel of your site.


  • Focused on blogging and writing
  • Clean, Cluster-free and intuitive User Interface
  • Written in JavaScript, so it is fast
  • No setup require


Gator is a website builder and blogging platform created by HostGator. The popular web hosting company that we use to host the WP Beginners website.

It comes with a drag-drop builder that you can use to build a website, blog, or online store.


  • Easy drag-drop builder to customize blog and website
  • Quick setup
  • Free domain and SSL
  • Create an online store with a few clicks

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