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Want to increase the user engagement : Free and premium comment system plugin for website

Comment has been an integrated part of any website. The comment section allows users to give feedback and interact with the other user. Users can ask a question, create a discussion and sometimes make a joke, depending on how powerful the comment system is.

Some of the comment systems provide a facility of social sharing and adding expression in the text, image or integrated with communities. So they can reach more visitors. It allows depending on what type of interface you would like and which of the best WordPress comment system allows you to do.



Wpdiscz is known for its speed, stability, and modern design. Which is probably why it is touted as a reliable solution.

It allows you to customize well, just about everything. You can modify the form structures, adjust URL styling, cache gravatar images, display live update and more. Engagement with the reader is improved significantly with features such as subscription, social media login and social media sharing.

The main setting page divided into 10 sections. General comment form, general comment list, live update, subscription, styling, cache, social login and share, integration and addon.




Thrive is a premium comment solution by veterans’ thrive theme. The plugin increases the engagement with the reader by allowing them to like and upvote comments.

Users can sign via their preferred social media service and share individual comment URLs via Facebook or Twitter. Speed has been considering too.

For the installing thrive comment you first activate the thrive product manager plugin. The comment setting section divided into 8 sections. The general setting, comment conversion, comment sign-in, customize style, voting and badge, notification, comment, moderation, and advanced setting.




Jetpack is one of the most successful WordPress plugins. It offers uptime monitoring, brute face protection, secure logins, website backups, malware scanning, page optimization, management tool.

Jetpack is integrated with social media logins for commenters together with email updater for comment your website. It can be configured in the discussion tab. Jetpack allows users to login via social media.


Graph comment


Graph comment is a hosted comment solution that aims to increase conversions on your site. Basically it is a social comment system. That tries to reinvent the standard discussion modules see online.

It offers community profiles, voting and bages, many beautiful color schemes and notification center that helps users see an update to their comments. There are dozen of setting in this area. For instance, you can change how many comments are displayed and the image allowed per message.

The comment system divided into 8 sections. Notification and email, moderation, word filtering, appearance, language, authentication and expert.


Wp native comment

wp native

Wp native comment is a built-in WordPress. So you don’t have to worry about setting anything up. The preconfigured commenting area is good for several reasons.

It is a sleek and modern design, providing a way for people to make comment without forcing your reader to sign with something like a social media account.




Disqus is a default WordPress comment system with dozen of the feature. It is the most popular alternative of the Wp native system the reason behind it was one of the first that change in format and add social media functionality.

Used by some of the largest content websites on the internet, Disqus increase engagement significantly by offering features such as real-time comment, social media login and support for embedding images and video.

After signing up Disqus WordPress comment, you can not website using their free WordPress plugin. There are few options in the Disqus WordPress plugin, as it is merely a bridge between your website and your Disqus account.




Postmatic adds a super helpful engagement boosting feature to your comments. It lets the reader subscribe to both a few posts and comment replies via email and when your readers get notified.

The reader can reply to the email to leave a comment on your site, making it as easy and possible for them to stay engaged with your site.


Simple comment editing

simple comment

Simple comment editing makes one simple tweak to your native WordPress comment. User can edit their comments for up to five minutes after posting.

Most of the time typos notice immediately after pressing the submit button. Simple comment editing gives the second chance to edit.


Super socialize


Super socialize is a lightweight, free comment system consider the super socialize plugin.

It is a powerful combination of social sharing and logging tools. In addition to all this, super socialize is modern and lightweight with mobile responsive modules and some compatible feature with a plugin like BuddyPress and woo-commerce


Lazy/load for comment


Lazy/loading plugin was developed to reduce the No of HTTP requests that are generated from comments and gravatar images.

Once Lazy loading for comment has been activated, you will see new options are for lazy load comments in the discussion settings page of your WordPress admin area.

Lazy/loading is designed specifically for the reduce time.


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