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Elegant Modern font for website 2021

Modern font – Choose the right font is a key part to create a stunning and phenomenal web design that appeals to the right audience. The font is crucial when you are creating a content-based website, for instance, a blog website or traveling guide website. It is vital to make sure that the letting style you decide matches with the rest of the design you have chosen. If your font doesn’t suitable for your design it looks amateur and unprofessional. Here, we discuss the best Modern font that is perfect for creating websites as well as professionals.



The first-ever modern font is Temu. A fancy serif typeface featuring clever use of line and create texture and movement. It comes with different variations including grunge and shadow version, and it is the best to render in size. So, it’s best for creating a display image and poster in a modern creative field such as film and photography.




Ambit is inspired by early grotesques but adapted for modern use. It is used in branding, packaging and editorial project tool for printed and online.


Helvetica Now        


One of the biggest announcements in 2019 was when monotype introduced its Helvetica now typeface produced from size-specific drawing and with size-specific spacing. The Helvetica now is a modern and updated version of the 35 year most ubiquitous font Helvetica. Every character has been drawn and a host of useful alternatives have been added to help you to meet p modern-day requirements.




A simple yet effective option, the ambient font is modern sans serif typeface featuring three different weight and subtle use of angels to create interest. Ambient is a perfect option if you are looking for a clean, professional font that translates into any medium and can be complemented with any color scheme.




Madera was designed by malou in 2018 as a geometric sans with a little more originality and flavor. The actual font work with a print and online that share sharp apexes and unique crossbar alternates that give it a powerful graphics design feel. Madera is best for graphics posters, event slogan, landing page, and logo design.




Xaviera is a clean, modern sans serif typeface, is perfect if you want to create an eye-catching title. It is used for design posters, banner, and billboard- used when you would like to create an immediate also used to create a headline. The best part is the user can create a body text using more elaborate, calligraphy style-typeface as a heading.




Bionic is a clean and unique sans serif font that emulates the style of neatly printed handwriting. It is useful when you want to simple font that easy to read but it’s represented in a creative way.




As a name suggested it sweet and lovely modern script, and that just about sums it up! Featuring elaborate swashes and charming ink stroke style. This is one of the best modern fonts you can choose if you want to create an appealing web design.




Person is a vintage style font with the gritty, vintage-inspired finish. The shape of lettering itself is fairly minimalistic, but the texture gives it a bit of an edge. An upper case font, it includes full foreign language compatibility as well as a special symbol (like punctual mark) and number.




Jazmin is another retro-revamp for the digital era. It is suited for editorial headlines, short text, logos, and brand design.




Univers were created in 1957. It was one of the first consistent typefaces families had been quite a popular choice among designers.




Minion was released in 1990 by adobe. It is inspired by late renaissance-era type and intended for body text, the type surface is popping up many editorial projects.




Cookery is a beautiful flowing, hand-drawn brush typeface with an irregular baseline. The script like this are a great way to add dynamic and enthusiasm to your logo.




The stylist san serif typeface would fit right in as the font of choice for upmarket home furnishing business. It features sleek, clean lines with unexpected angles and a combination of upper-lower case.




A beautiful modern, calligraphy font can be used for a variety of purposes. It is used for wedding, fashion, photography, portfolio and beauty column.


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