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Best WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting – There are so many hosting services available online, picking the right service can be complicated. We have plenty of information available about WordPress hosting providers. For choosing the right host provider some aspect matters such as support responsive time, cost per month, review, load time, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the top WordPress host, which is a managed and unmanaged solution. We will discuss top host providers, performance, and customer reviews.

All hosting provider are equal, there are some major thing we consider


A website’s success depends on performance, and it depends on a part of a host’s hardware configuration. Your hosting plan affects on-site speed.


2) Support

Quick support helps you to solve the error and fix them. If you constantly dealing with poor support, you might be considered to switch host providers.


3) Security

Online security is a big deal for most websites. A good web host will provide a security tool that helps to secure user data. They might help you to set up an SSL certificate for free or monitor the site against danger.


4) Multiple plans

Having multiple plans can actually save your money in the long term. As your site grows, upgrading your plan will likely be easier on your budget.


5) WordPress Specific feature

WordPress is the most popular. Due to this many web hosts offer plans that cater directly to the need for a platform.


Web host performance metrics – WordPress hosting

For the measure of the web host, we check the performance. The performance metrics depend on two factors:

1) Load time

The load time is very important. The less time to load more performance improves. The good loading time is 0s to 2s.

2) Time to first byte

This how long it’s takes for the first bit from your server to arrive. It shows how responsive the host’s server is.


Here is a list of the top WordPress host provider:

1) Site Ground – WordPress hosting


Cost: $5.95

Load Speed: 0.64s

Time to the first byte: 0.345s

Site Ground is one of the most popular hosting options for WordPress all credit goes to its competitive prices. It often beats some unmanaged services.

Its budget-friendly host for all other hosting providers site ground is best among them. The price is competitive low but you still get access

  • Use the latest PHP Technology
  • Automatic WordPress Update
  • Staging site
  • Great support


2) WP Engine – WordPress hosting


Cost : $29

Load Speed: 0.32s

Time to first byte: 0.138s

WP Engine is one of the most popular hosts out there. All their plan comes with a staging site, automatic updates, integrated CDN and other tools.

One thing is that WP Engine recently acquired the genesis framework and all the studiopress’s genesis child theme. The theme is now included at no extra cost as part of every WP Engine plan.


3) Dream Host – WordPress hosting


Cost : $16.95

Load Speed: 0.45s

Time to the first byte: 0.397s

Dream Host is founded in 1996, so basically it was the oldest hosting form.

Dream Host offers two plans: shared hosting and manage alternative. For our testing, we opted to use dream press as the managed option.

It comes with daily automatic backup, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7 support. And on the higher plan tier, you will get a pre-built CDN and premium version of the jetpack without any extra cost.


4) In –Motion – WordPress hosting

in motion - WordPress hosting

Cost: $4.99

Load Speed: 1.37s

Time to the first byte: 0.811s

In-motion hosting offers it’s the customer a wide range of WordPress-specific features at an affordable price. It offers plans at a very compatible price, which makes it a good option for the newcomer to the platform.

A plan comes with an automatic WordPress update, free SSL certificate, free backup, and on the higher tier plan, you can also get access to the premium jetpack with no extra cost.


5) Pressidium – WordPress hosting

pressidium - WordPress hosting

Cost : $20

Load Speed: 2.25s

Time to first byte: 0.152s

It is one of the expensive hosts on the list, but it was also the fastest WordPress host.

It gives you helpful features like the managed update, malware monitoring, and free SSL Certificate. The developer must like reading about the presidium N-tier architecture that powers its impressive page load time.


Tips to choose the fastest WordPress hosting for your site

When you want to choose a hosting provider. There is something to consider

Datacenter location

While a CDN can mitigate this issue, you still want to find a host that offers data centers near your targeted reader.

Think about your traffic

If your site is a relatively low traffic, you might be fine with one of the budget options. However, for high-traffic sites, you want to make sure the chosen host. It’s impacted the load time of the site.


Price is always important because your budget is limited. It’s about finding the best option that fits your budget. Maybe you spend some more money it’s not a bad idea. When your site doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

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