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Best UI Admin Template Collection

When you want to create a website from scratch there many things to be considered like design, coding, etc. When the user visits the website for the first time he can only experience the UI. We have the best UI Admin template collection. That provides the best user interaction and experience.

Metronic – UI Admin Template


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Metronic is a simple and classic admin dashboard template build in angular 8. It is a feature-rich template it has a general as well as network components and also provides custom search, user notification, events, logs, and a multi-language option.

It mainly used for E-commerce website design, if you use a Metronic admin dashboard template to create an e-commerce website you don’t have to waste time to customize it or change anything.

The most important thing in an e-commerce website is User Interface (UI) Metronic comes with a bright and radiant color so the user gets a rich experience.

Standard Feature

  • 22 type of dashboard
  • Webpack integration
  • Mailbox application
  • Figma version

Vuexy – UI Admin Template


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Vuexy is a beautifully crafted, clean and modern designed admin theme.

It is the most friendly and highly customizable Vueja and laravel admin dashboard template.

Standard Feature

  • 6 Different layouts
  • Firebase authentication
  • No JQuery dependency
  • Ajax and Algolia Ready
  • Built-in customizer
  • Multi-Language
  • Code splitting (To avoid winding up with large bundle it is good to get ahead of problem use “code splitting”)               

Frest – UI Admin Template


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Frest is a clean and minimal Bootstrap admin template with dark/light layout, animated icons and RTL options.

It is developer-friendly, rich with features and customizable.

When it comes to creating an application with distraction-free UI, it does not get better than frest. Frest admin template helps you to create eye-catching, high quality and high-performance quality tested applications.

Standard Feature

  • CRM System
  • E-commerce backend
  • Project management App
  • Functional app (E-mail, Chat, Kanban, Todo, Calender, invoice, File manager)
  • Fully responsive

Porto – UI Admin Template


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Porto is one of the best choices for new projects starting from scratch. It is a fully SEO optimize admin theme that provides high performance to your website.

Standard Feature

  • 20+ design dashboard
  • Super high performance
  • Customizable
  • Online documentation

Apex – UI Admin Template


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Apex is one of the best angular template out there awesome design, components, cohesive code, and quick support.

The Apex admin is a super flexible, powerful, clean and modern responsive admin template based on angular 7 and Bootstrap 4.

It includes 7 solid and 7 gradient menu color options. It also comes with an AOT(The browser downloads a pre-compiled version application) and lazy loading.

Standard Feature
  • Ng Bootstrap
  • Nested routing
  • Modern menu
  • Google map
  • 10+ pages, 2 layouts
  • SaaS support
  • Cross-browser Capability

Metrica – UI Admin Template


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Metrica is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboards and multipurpose UI kit.

It is fully responsive and includes an awesome feature to build fast and responsive web applications.

Metrica includes well design and developed layout, components, element, widget, and application page allowed to create a SaaS-based application.

Standard Feature
  • SaaS Support
  • RTL Support
  • Analytics app
  • Project app
  • Custom error page
  • Apex chat library
  • Google and Vector map
  • Responsive layout

Vetrix – UI Admin Template


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Vetrix is a premium fully responsive admin template build in Bootstrap. It is a fully polished admin application in React-Redux, Node js, Laravel, PHP, Ajax, and HTML Language.

With vetrix you can easily customize it for your need with any version.

Bouns: Vetrix created reusable React and Bootstrap components with jQuery. So, you can build multiple apps with common components.

 Standard Feature
  • Responsive layout
  • LTR and RTL Support
  • SaaS Support
  • Ready to use invoice

Vuely vuely

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Vuely is a fully responsive UI Admin Template developed with Vuejs and Vuetifyjs.

It comes with lots of pre integrated features developed with an easy components structure including custom page.

Vuely has tons of dashboards for every industry like E-commerce, CRM, Crypto, Web analysis, etc.

Standard Feature
  • Fully responsive
  • Inbuilt multi-language support with RTL
  • Multiple Dashboards
  • 200+ UI Element
  • 78+ Widget
  • Maps (Google Maps, Leaflet map, vector map)

Wieldy wieldy

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Wieldy is a complete React UI Admin Template and Starter kid that follows the Ant design concept and implements the Ant design framework for develop an app.

It has all the necessary React library to develop a robust small to complex application in a shorter time span.

Wieldy now includes that HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 version.

 Standard Feature
  • Ant design (Popular and component Rich UI Library for React app)
  • 10 Awesome layout
  • 100+ Widget and Metrics
  • Powerful map library (Am maps, Google map)
  • Github Access

Able Pro UI Admin Template

able pro

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Able pro is built in Bootstrap 4 Framework with material look and feel.

It contains ready –to – use feature package and provides a flexible solution to every problem. It contains a well structured and commented code.

Standard Feature
  • Pre-build admin panel
  • Improved live customizer
  • Responsive and retina ready
  • Dependencies (Angular, Grant, Bower, SaaS)
  • 11+ menu option
  • 100+ external plug-in

Gradient Able gradient

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Gradient Able is a beautiful admin dashboard template built in Bootstrap 4 and comes with React and angular.

Standard Feature
  • Angular full template version
  • 200+ pages
  • Complete new layout option
  • Live Customizer
  • Modern Gradient UI
  • 150+ Widget
  • Retina Responsive


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It is based on Angular material design UI Admin Template. It provides a custom theme generator and helper class to generate your own material pro themes.

Standard Feature
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 6 template layout
  • 18-page layout
  • 15 content layout
  • Gulp, Bower, SaaS support
  • Multi-language

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