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Best 8 Anti Spam Plug-in for WordPress website 2021

Anti Spam Plug-in – If your website is related to the content, review or contain any comment section you are familiar with spam. Spam is meaningless and unnecessary data found on the internet. It is beneficial for the spammer, but as an owner, it gives a negative effect on the site. There is  Anti Spam Plug-in in WordPress which can easily detect spam and remove it.

To help you block spam, we created a list of the best Anti Spam Plug-in for you. It is available in free and premium versions.

Akismet – Anti Spam Plug-in


If you are a WordPress user, you knew about Akismet. It is developed by the WordPress team. This is one of the most popular Plug-ins when it comes to fighting against spam. Since most spam messages arrived via content. Akismet monitor the comment section, check all the comment and separate the comment which might be suspicious of being spam.

The best part is that Akismet filters the comment reviews it, and removes it.


Anti-spam bee – Anti Spam Plug-in

spam bee

When it comes to reliability and effectiveness, an anti-spam bee is one of the best solutions. It comes with a bunch of features that detect the IP that contains spam and automatically block it. Gives the notification to the admin through email about incoming spam. You can set the comment limit.


Vanguard – Anti Spam Plug-in


If you are looking to block spam registration on your WordPress wangguard is best. It offers you complete safety from spam user registration an account on your website.

Wangguard does allow you to add an extension that can further protect your registration page, thereby making your website more secure.


Anti-spam by Webvitally


Anti-spam by Webvitally is a WordPress anti-spam Plug-in. Which is easy to use. It can block the spam automatically in the comment section without a captcha.

A spam comment stored in a spam area, and can be converted into a regular comment if the admin thinks that it’s not spamming content. It uses the extra hidden field in the comment section. It basically contains two fields. The first field needs to be filled with a unique code and the second field is empty. When a user visits 1st field fill it with code and 2nd field with HTML and CSS. Spammer tries to fill this field but failed because the field is not visible.


Anti-spam by cleantalk


Anti-spam by cleantalk is one of the best premium Plug-in for controlling the spam on your website. It is a cloud-based Plug-in and works similar to Akismet.

This Plug-in is packed with a lot of features to help you fight against spam. The most important is that it is compatible with many WordPress Plug-in such as contact form 7, Mailchimp, etc.




Cerber is one of the most powerful antispam plug-ins. It protects the website not only from spammer but also protects from hackers, trojan, and malware attack. It has a special feature limited login attempt. This Plug-in also stops spam by activating a specialized anti-spam engine and google Recaptcha.

It is equipped with an advanced malware scanner to secure your site from malware.


Bulletproof security


Bulletproof security is an awesome WordPress anti-spam Plug-in to increase the security of the website. It contains every feature along with a firewall option. The firewall protects the website from malware or other harmful intrusions.

The key feature is the Mscan malware scanner. This can be used to help you block any type of malware on your website.


Stop spammer


Stop spammer is one of the most powerful WordPress anti-spam Plug-in that is capable of performing more than 20 different spam checks and block spam from 100 countries.

It contains a captcha to prevent a real user from getting blocked. However, it will only be displayed if the user detected spammer.


Conclusion – Anti Spam Plug-in

There are some of the best WordPress anti-spam Plug-in that you used. There is a lot of security Plug-in that you can keep your website secured as well, but using anti-spam plug-ins prevention.


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