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Able Pro 8.0 Bootstrap 4 & Angular 8 & React Redux Admin Template

Today I will review Able Pro 8.0 admin template. It is a highly advanced and component-rich dashboard template in comparison to other backend templates. The latest Able Pro 8.0 now comes with all plus things in comparison to its previous versions. Its latest 8.0 version is powered with Bootstrap 4, Angular 8 & React. Able pro has new unique pre-built 4+ Dashboard Layouts, 7+ Admin Panel Layouts, Widgets & N number of components.

The Able Pro also has detailed and video documentation & premium free support.

Why choose Able Pro 8.0 Admin Template?

In this digital time, the life of a developer is next to hell. If he has to code all his requirements from scratch, isn’t it. And imagine if a developer has some big admin dashboard projects on hand to complete without any perfect template what it would be for him? So to make their life super easy, Able Pro Admin Template is a Boon for them.

You can create any type of Bootstrap 4, Angular 8 & React backend applications like custom admin panels, admin dashboard templates, web application, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS application by using the Able Pro admin template. A ready-to-use UI KIT comes with this admin panel which makes Able pro extremely flexible than other dashboard templates. And Its Material Design look makes it one of the most stylish admin templates too.

A free version of Able Pro is also available, to check the template code structure, quality, etc before buying this admin template.

Able Pro 8.0 updated with the best features.

This new big update 8.0 of Able Pro includes some unique features listed below.

  1. It comes with a collection of useful 7+ Admin Applications.
  2. New polished 4+ Dashboard Layouts
  3. Page layouts like Vertical, Horizontal, RTL, Light & Dark.
  4. The updated dark layout is honestly outstanding in comparison to the previous version.
  5. Has Live Customizer, which helps the user to explore various layout options. It plays a role like a magic stick.
  6. New advanced and improved widgets.
  7. Pre-built & highly designed new advanced components like Data Tables, Maps, Icons, Charts, Calenders, Modals, Editors, Search, tab, etc.

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Multiple Skin & Demos

All the demos are organized well and will be very useful to the real end-user of this admin panel. I have tried to cover mostly all possible main demos in the below list from their live site.

1. Default Layout

Able Pro defaultAble Pro default

The default layout of Able Pro 8.0 covers all necessary and required information that a perfect dashboard should have. Users will quickly get all report VIA components, widgets, charts & tables from one place.

Download Now  Live Preview

2. Sales Layout

Able Pro SalesAble Pro Sales

E-commerce layout is all about their daily orders and sales information. This sales layout represents all the essential pieces of data through well-planned & designed components, charts, tables & widgets. It is a perfect layout design for the sales dashboard admin panel.

Download Now  Live Preview

3. CRM Layout

Able Pro CRMAble Pro CRM

This CRM layout is well designed and gives all required activity information of your customers or users from just one place. So by having just a glance at this layout, you will get all the necessary information.

Download Now  Live Preview

4. Analytics Layout

Able Pro AnalyticsAble Pro Analytics

The analytics layout is well designed to give all reports of visitors, earnings, campaigns, and other primary data of your site. You can quickly get an understanding of current and past activity data.

Download Now  Live Preview

5. Project Panel

Able Pro ProjectAble Pro Project

Project Dashboard Layout is a perfect design for the backend project application. All the components outlined in this layout make it look simplistic and clean. All important minor piece of information is there in this layout.

Download Now  Live Preview

6. Hospital Panel

Able Pro hospitalAble Pro hospital

The hospital payout is a predesigned layout for the hospital backend panel project. This layout covers all the required information and data for the Hospital dashboard. So you can directly use this well-designed backend panel in your project.

Download Now  Live Preview

7. Project & CRM Panel

Able Pro projectAble Pro project

The Project & CRM admin panel layout is a complete real-world backend panel example. You can directly use this backend panel for Project & CRM dashboard application requirements.

Download Now  Live Preview

8. Membership Panel

Able Pro membershipAble Pro membership

The Membership dashboard panel layout is ready to use an application to this dashboard project.

Download Now  Live Preview

9. Helpdesk Panel

Able Pro helpdeskAble Pro helpdesk

The Help Desk admin panel is a complete support backend application that comes with an admin dashboard template. You can track and get all required reports very quickly and easily with this backend application layout.

Download Now  Live Preview

10. School Panel

Able Pro schoolAble Pro school

You are looking for an admin panel to manage school information like staff, teachers, parents, etc. Then this School Admin panel will be the perfect choice for you.

Download Now  Live Preview

11. School Student Information System(SIS) Panel

Able Pro SISAble Pro SIS

Here is the best admin panel for the SIS admin application. One can manage all student information from this very quickly and easily.

Download Now  Live Preview

12. Crypto Panel

Able Pro cryptoAble Pro crypto

Working with Crypto, data is your asset. This Crypto admin panel represents all your numeric data figures simple & straight without any struggle.

Download Now  Live Preview

13. E-Commerce Panel

Able Pro ecomAble Pro ecom

This E-Commerce admin panel is the best backend application for any small size admin dashboard project, those who want to integrate the e-sale section in their dashboard template. The Able Pro 8.0 admin template also has a uniquely planned layout for this.

Download Now  Live Preview

14. Vertical Layout

Able Pro verticalAble Pro vertical

Able Pro admin template main layout is vertical. It comes with many different designs like Static, Fixed, Navbar Fixed, Collapsed Menu, & Vertical RTL.

Download Now  Live Preview

15. Horizontal Layout

Able Pro horizontalAble Pro horizontal

It is the other new unique layout of Able Pro. It has a total of 3 different layouts like layout1, layout2, & its RTL.

Download Now  Live Preview

16. RTL

Able Pro RTLAble Pro RTL

Nowadays, mostly all templates support RTL. Alike them this admin template also does. Able Pro admin comes with very precise RTL, and it is available in both layouts variations.

Download Now  Live Preview

17. Box Layout

Able Pro BoxAble Pro Box

If you are a person to work with an old-style box layout admin template then not to worry, It also has a Box layout for these users.

Download Now  Live Preview

18. Navbar Dark

Able Pro Navbar DarkAble Pro Navbar Dark

Navbar Dark is the combination of light & dark color layout style. You can have the feel of a dark layout with this layout style, and more it adds charm to your admin template.

Download Now  Live Preview

19. Dark Layout

able pro darkable pro dark

The dark layout is the most awesome layout of the able pro admin template. Its color combination is unique from other admin templates available in the market.
Moreover, while choosing a dark layout & background image combination, It takes this admin panel looks to some next-level admin template.

Download Now  Live Preview

Live customizer

Able Pro live cust

Able Pro live cust

The Able Pro has a remarkable feature which is a live customizer. With the help of a live customizer, one can get all the features idea within a second with live changes on the layout. The customizer has many feature settings like dark & light colors, images, gradient colors, RTL, box, etc. Though it is only for the demo purpose which doesn’t come with the theme package, still this is not less than a magic stick for this admin panel.

Download Now  Live Preview

Fast Loading Time

In comparison to all previous Able Pro, the latest version 8.0 is more advanced and improved in all aspects. All the component, widgets, elements used in this version is lighter in weight than previous versions. Which reduces Able Pro loading time than ever before.

Editing Able Pro pages and by individual

This one of the most vital point among all other in this template. The main job of any web template is to make work easy and quick after using it in the project. The Able Pro comes with a fully developer-friendly well commented & bug-free code. Commented code helps one to find code & give a basic understanding of that section. It makes editing Able Pro super easy for anyone without any hustle.

Reason to choose Able Pro Admin Template

Up till now, I make sure that I have reviewed all-important points of the Able Pro admin template. It comes with 4+ unique dashboards, 100+ widgets, new lightweight components, pre-built 7+ admin panel layouts, and many more things. After reviewing all the above points, I believe that the 7+ pre-built admin panel which comes with the Able Pro and moreover all this are available with Bootstrap 4, Angular 8 & React-Redux is a cherry on the cake.

So by getting this all, you can make any of your simple or complex admin dashboard projects run smoothly with your custom requirements.

Pricing plan

After going through all the above details, what is the price of the Able Pro admin template? Now, it is an important question to know.

The Able Pro has two main pricing plans. Single user price is just $25 and for Multi-users price is $900. It is not a high price actually because you will get the Able Pro Admin template in Bootstrap 4, Angular 8 & React-Redux all in one package with one price.

Support & Documentation

A web template is not worth buying if it doesn’t come with support. The Able Pro Admin template comes with premium free support. Their support team is always ready to help with any issue regarding their admin templates. They have been received 5* for their quick and 100% resolve rate support at ThemeForest.

This admin template comes with a full step-by-step detailed documentation, with remarkably simple language which helps all to understand effortlessly and quickly. In more, it also has video documentation for their admin template demos. The video includes step by step oral installation guide.


Now, it is time to know about the Able Pro Admin Template developer & provider. The Able Pro is one of the best-rated and best-selling admin templates from PhoenixCoded. Since 2014 PhoenixCoded is developing admin templates and selling its dashboard templates over Themeforest. Today they are one of the best selling & rated admin dashboard template providers on ThemeForest & they are an Elite Author too.

PhoenixCoded all admin templates are developed by their highly experienced developer team. So you are at the right place if looking for an admin template with PhoenixCoded and their team.

Review Conclusion for Able Pro 8.0

Able Pro 8.0 is worth buying an admin template for your next dashboard project. Really if you have read my above whole review, then you can’t stop yourself. For working with this admin template for your next project. Still, If you have not read the entire review, I would suggest you go for it once.

I mean that this is an “Omni admin template” for your dashboard project. The Able Pro allows you to fulfill any backend web application requirements related to Bootstrap 4, Angular 8, & React-Redux.

Download Now  Live Preview

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